Create This Dazzling 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

Create This Dazzling 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

Step 15 - Erasing Feather

Erase parts of the glow which are not in the text but in the background.

Step 16 - Adding Outer Glow

To add Outer Glow to the spotlights click on the button Add a layer style. You can find that button in the bottom part of your Layers palette. If you don´t see the palette simply press F7 and it will appear. Select the option Outer Glow and make following settings. Press OK.

Step 17 - Duplicating Spotlight Glow

Now duplicate the glow you’ve created in the step 14. Select the Smudge tool (R) and drag the brush from right to left, so the glow spreads over the text. See image below to know what I mean.

Step 18 - Blending the Glow

Select the Smudge Tool (R) and drag the glow around the text corners. See image below.
Your image should look like the one bellow so far.

Step 19 - Adding the Feather Glow

Now you are going to add some glow to the corners of the text. Select the Brush tool (B). Choose soft rounded brush and set the Master Diameter on 90px. Create a new layer and paint some glow around the edges as you can see bellow.

Step 20 - Placing Highlights to "X"

In this step we will focus on the letter "X". Place the spotlights. Do it the same way as you did it in the step 14 and 15. See the image below for a reference.

Step 21 - Adding Outer Glow

Add Outer Glow to the spotlights. Click on the button Add a layer style, select Outer Glow and make following settings.

Step 22 - Choosing the Brush

Select the Brush Tool (B). Choose hard round brush and set the Master Diameter on 3px. You will need it in following steps.

Step 23 - Creating Path

Grab the Pen Tool (P) and create a path as you can see in the image below.

Step 24 - Adding Stroke Path

Now right click on the screen and choose the option Stroke Path...

Step 25 - Adding Brush Stroke

Choose the option Brush from the list and press OK.

Step 26 - Adding More Stroke Path

Repeat the steps 22 - 25 to add more strokes.

Step 27 - Creating Highlights in the Areas with Shadows

In this step you´re going to add some glow in the dark areas to create a reflection. Choose the Pen Tool (P) and make a path as you see in the image below. Press Ctrl + Enter to make a selection and fill it with brown color (#614717).

Step 28 - Changing the Blending Mode

Now group the selected layer with the text. To do that place the layer above text layer & press Ctrl+Alt+G to group the layer inside the text layer. Once we done go to layer blending mode & choose "Color Dodge"

Step 29 - Erasing the Corners

Select the Eraser tool (E). Choose some soft round brush and set Master Diameter on 100px. Erase the corners of the shape. See image below.

Step 30 - Adding More Stroke Path

Continue with adding more strokes by following the steps 22 - 25.
Your image should be similar to the picture below after these steps.

Step 31 - Adding Stroke Path to "F"

Let’s focus on the letter "F" again. Follow the steps 22 - 25 again to add strokes to that letter.

Step 32 - Creating the Spotlight in the Background

In the following steps we will focus on the background. You´re going to add light under the letters. To do that choose the Brush Tool (B). Select soft round brush and set Master Diamter on 300px. Pick blue color (#546876). Create a new layer below the layers with text and paint one big dot. You can see what I mean in the picture below.

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  1. Step 43 – Adding Colors:

    Grab the Brush Tool (B), change the Mode on Color and paint to get similar result as on the picture below.

    I didn't get it.

  2. I don't get it

    Step 42 – Placing the Brush
    Increase the brush size and paint with it on a new layer

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