Learn the Tone Curve in 5 Minutes
Learn the Tone Curve in 5 Minutes

The tone curve is one of the most useful tool for photographers. It can be used to make any tonal adjustments like brightening your image and adding contrast. It's found in many software like Lightroom, Capture One, Premiere, After Effects and mobile apps like Lightroom Mobile. In this tutorial, you’ll learn in a simple way on […]

5 Photoshop Tips for Designers

Photoshop is among the most useful tools for graphic designers. In this tutorial, you'll learn 5 tips including how to create more vibrant gradients, turn selections into vector paths, create patterns with the hidden Pattern Maker tool, using smart placeholder photos, and creating curved text without warping. Watch this video and you will learn 5 […]

Why is the Font so Big or Small in Photoshop

Have you ever wondered why the font size is always so inconsistent in Photoshop? Sometimes you type in some text and then you set the font size to 12 pt or points. But it’s not even close to being 12 points and the text so tiny that you can barely read it. Other times, 12 […]

Dear Adobe, How to Redesign the Tone Curve

The curves adjustment is a powerful tool that can do a lot - even replacing multiple adjustment layers (ex. Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance, Photo Filter, etc.). But it's not intuitive at all. Before you can even begin using the curves adjustment, you first have to spend time learning it. But it doesn't have to be this way. The curves adjustment […]

Why You Should Use Curves over Other Settings

There's been a lot of tutorials on the curves. But why should you use the curves over contrast/white balance/split toning, etc? In this tutorial by Denny's Tips, you'll learn 4 scenarios when you should be using the curves.

How to Upgrade Your Old Lightroom Presets

If you use Lightroom CC, you might have noticed that some of the new features (ex. opacity control) are missing. This is because your presets are outdated. Few preset developers know how to create presets for Lightroom CC 2019 which is why your presets are outdated. In this Lightroom tutorial, you'll learn how to upgrade your […]


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