I created this piece using Maxon’s Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop CS6 for minor post-production adjustments. Utilising C4D’s Mograph and hair simulator to render the fur and grass allowed me to achieve a realistic result. The final piece was rendered to A1 and professionally printed and framed.  The most challenging aspect of this piece was the fur and grass, I spent a lot of time adjusting the thickness, clump, twist and colour to get it to look just right and give it an almost fantasy, dream-like feel.

Note To Self: Don’t Die
This piece was inspired by a favourite musician of mine, Ryan Adams.  I textured the text using various images and colours derived from some of his most famous songs.  I nearly always begin a piece with the aim to output in large format which means putting a lot of pressure on my iMac but the end result more than makes up for it.

Harsh Reality
This is one of my most recent 3D typography pieces taken from the lyrics of Paolo Nutini’s song ‘Iron Sky’.  Again, using Cinema 4D’s mograph tools I created the text and played around with the composition before texturing and lighting.  The other artefacts within the piece were also modelled and textured from scratch.  Texturing using high reflectance channels can really take it’s toll on the speed of your workflow so it’s always best to get the basics right long before you even think of hitting the render button.”




Joshua Zaragoza

“First photo – Breakthrough

“Breakthrough” is another 3d typography experimentation. I made sure that the lights and glass texture will look realistic. I also used a plugin that breaks texts and a vine grower. Of course good post processing is needed in every artwork I make.

Second photo – Always have fun

I always love experimenting with 3d and textures. I first doodled the text and tried to put it up in 3d form. I added cheese curls, candy, and marshmallow textures to add the flavor.

Third photo – Surreal

My goal in every typography art I make is to achieve realistic form.  “Surreal” artwork was created mostly by mixing textures, lights, stock photos and 3d elements.

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Junjie Lim

“Each alphabet is executed through the support of a different element or medium to visually represent a word starting with the same alphabet. The main objective is for the viewer to know what word the alphabet represents without any supporting copy. The individual type posters started out as a rough sketch, and then they were moulded in Cinema 4d, followed by post edits on Photoshop.”




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How hard is it to learn Cinema 4D?

Tahar Amrouche

Tahar photographe


Thanks for the inspiration. I really like these!


There are all very cool. I liked Coen Pohl the best though!


These are absolutely breathtaking! I must confess, “Don’t Look Down” scares me a little bit. Would you try to create any of these?

Artist here. Hope you weren't scared too much ;)


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