Coen Pohl

“Don’t look down:
For this project I wanted to practice more with unusual perspective points and 3D type. The result is skyline vista where you start looking at the horizon in the distance but slowly look down onto the street when moving your eyes down the illustration. The first step was to create a so called curvilinear perspective grid. This kind of perspective allows for multiple horizons and vanishing points. The effect is a bit like creating a vertical panorama with a camera when standing on a building. After that I made a rough layout of where the buildings and letters would come by drawing just the rooftops on the grid, followed by the walls, using the pen tool in illustrator. For the windows I first created an array of window shapes in Photoshop. Then I used the skew and distort functions in Photoshop to move the rows of windows into the right positions on the walls of the buildings.

Isometric Amsterdam:
The idea behind this project was to create a building pattern based on the typical Amsterdam canal houses. I’m fascinated by isometric designs and illustrations as it is a good way to create abstract endless cityscapes in all directions without having to worry about the issues with normal perspective drawings. Amsterdam canal houses often have roughly the same dimensions, so they are ideal to create a pattern with. The whole project was done in Adobe Illustrator CS5. All buildings have the same base shape, which was created by hand, using a simple isometric grid (there are plenty of them available for download on the internet). The smaller details and letters however, are created with the 3D tool found in Illustrator under the ‘Effects’ menu item. First I created the letters in 2D using a normal grid so that all letters would have the same look & feel. Then I used the 3D tool to instantly create isometric versions of these letters. I ungrouped the 3D objects into 2D shapes in order to have more control on the colours of each of the sides. I used the same technique to create some of the smaller details on the buildings like the stairs, roof decorations and windows.”



Alexis Persani

“It’s either some phrases taken at random, or so the song titles. For these 3D typography I used Cinema 4D software and photoshop.”




Dan Hoopert

“The main concept was around colour, and creating some kind of physical form based on that. The work was heavily inspired by a similar project by Lee Griggs, brighter colours extrude elements further, creating the desired effect. I decided to have a go at my own take on this and see how it would work with letterforms rather than on a flat plane. The actual letters themselves are created using mainly Cinema 4D and Photoshop.”




Alexandra Fomicheva

“Food text effect is created only with Adobe Photoshop Cs5 tools – 3D capabilities, layer style effects and simple preset patterns without using any photos, stock images or real food textures.

Some objects such as hot dogs, burgers/sandwich tops, pancakes and french fries are created with the “Repoussé” 3D option plus “Inflate sides” and “Band” shape presets. The green salad leaves and  bacon texture are created with the “Mesh from Grayscale” option. This very useful and interesting tool. It helps to create relief surface by using the “grayscale” texture highlights for embossed areas and shadows for depths. Fried eggs, small details as sandwiches onion, tomatoes, cheese mayo, mustard and some other are created with the regular flat shapes and simple layer style effects. https://alfoart.com/food_text_effect_1.html1

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How hard is it to learn Cinema 4D?

Tahar Amrouche

Tahar photographe


Thanks for the inspiration. I really like these!


There are all very cool. I liked Coen Pohl the best though!


These are absolutely breathtaking! I must confess, “Don’t Look Down” scares me a little bit. Would you try to create any of these?

Artist here. Hope you weren't scared too much ;)


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