16 Clean and Sleek Icon Designs by Romualdo Faura

16 Clean and Sleek Icon Designs by Romualdo Faura
16 Clean and Sleek Icon Designs by Romualdo Faura

Romualdo Faura is a Graphic Designer who focuses on branding, illustration and icon design. He believes in a simple and clean aesthetic that delivers a straight-to-the-point message to his audience. His designs would make you appreciate simplicity, which Romualdo calls a "responsible and sustainable design". Get to know more about this amazing graphic designer and appreciate the beauty of simplicity in this interview.

Interview with Romualdo Faura

We'd like to know more about you. First of all, can you tell us something about yourself?

I was born in Murcia, Spain. Currently I work as a freelance graphic designer, working on many varied graphic design projects and illustrations. I majored in Graphic Design, graduating from Valencia School of Fine Arts in Spain. After I graduated, I moved to Mexico and worked as a designer and lecturer in a university for 5 years.

When you were younger did you think that you would become a designer? Did you have many, if I may say, artistic influences?

When I was a child, I enjoyed drawing (I guess like most designers did). Especially when I was studying hard alone at home, I always amused myself by drawing. Before starting college, when I was around 16 or 17 years old, I wanted to be a journalist. But at that moment, the only journalism courses available were at private universities and it was very expensive. So, I chose Fine Arts which was my second option, and I don't regret it at all. Actually, I found that it was a very wise decision. I would like to thank Javier Mariscal (Spanish designer and illustrator) for his brilliant and fantastic mascot design for 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics Games. I was captivated by this great design when I was 15 years old. Through him I found the world of design, and I think of his design attitude all the time. Regarding who really influenced me... during my university life, I fell in love with Paul Klee's work - great painter with a lot of illustrative style. Some other designers and illustrators who have influenced me most are Paprika (Canada), Daniel Nebot, Javier Mariscal, Pepe Cruz Novillo (Spain) and Lotta Nieminen (Finland) Communication Arts - an American design magazine, which is also one of my major influences. I loved reading it while I was in university.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this interview. "Simplicity is the best." I totally agree. I like my work simple and clean but modern.

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