Have you ever tried to experiment with other mediums or techniques to help develop your aesthetic?

In general, I am not a person who takes risks. Basically because I have a great confidence with myself, in what I do and how I am doing it. If I find a brand new way to solve something, then I will do it, but on the same wavelength (of lines and colours). For example, if I have to illustrate a person, I will try to make a different face, draw different eyes, or create a different body. But I would always try to be very synthetic without risking too much. In some situations, I am tempted to apply textures into my drawings. But as I have tried in the past, I have found that it doesn’t provide anything vital to the drawing at all. Moreover, it is a trend that everyone is practicing. So I prefer to carry on doing it my way, using spot colours without applying other effects, and exclude myself from the trend that most of the designers are following.

Do you have new projects you’re currently working on?

Currently I am working on a project which is designing some icons for a very famous magazine from the United States. They are conducting the redesign of its layout and have asked me to design some icons for some sections. Other than that, I am finishing an illustration for an exhibition in Cancun, Mexico as part of a design conference and the theme is “The End”.

Finally, any message for our readers?

I guess most of the readers are interconnected to the design world. So my principal message is you can gain a lot just by looking. It is absolutely free, but with a critical eye, and maintaining the line of what they want to do, without being overwhelmed by what is fashionable or the current trend, you can achieve what you are really capable of.

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4 responses to “16 Clean and Sleek Icon Designs by Romualdo Faura”

  1. Maidul Islam Avatar
    Maidul Islam

    Amazing. . Very nice,

  2. Samantha Zinn Avatar
    Samantha Zinn

    I enjoyed reading this interview. “Simplicity is the best.” I totally agree. I like my work simple and clean but modern.

  3. Zac Avatar

    Nice stuff!

  4. stoph Avatar

    excellent artwork romualdo!!

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