Switching To Photoshop CS6? 27 New Features and Changes You Need to Know

Switching To Photoshop CS6? 27 New Features and Changes You Need to Know

Gradient Fill window Scale gradients up to 1000% (compared to 150% in CS5)

13. Using the new Text features

There’s so many features with the Type tool that Photoshop CS6 now has a new Type menu. One awesome feature designers love is the Lorem Ipsum text generator. For those who don’t know, Lorem Ipsum is placeholder/filler text you can use instead of typing in random text. The new Character Styles and Paragraph Styles palettes let you create your own typography presets.

Paste Lorem Ipsum With the Text tool, draw a text box then go to Type > Paste Lorem Ipsum.

OpenType features in the Characters palette OpenType features are now built into the Character palette. In CS5, these were hidden inside the flyout menu.

Charactder and Paragraph Styles palettes Use the new Character Styles and Paragraph Styles palettes (Window > Character Styles/Paragraph Styles) to create text and paragraph presets.

Character Style Optionst Character Style Options

Huge font previews You can change the font preview size by going to the Type > Font Preview Size menu.

14. Making adjustments with the Adjustments and Properties palettes

In Photoshop CS5, you would change an adjustments settings in the Adjustments panel (Window > Adjustments). CS6 has a new panel for this called Properties (Window > Properties). Inside the Properties panel is a new Masks tab where you can adjust the layer mask.
Adjustments and Properties palettes

15. The New “Enhance Brightness and Contrast” Auto Adjustment

There’s a new auto button in the Brightness/Contrast, Levels, and Curves adjustments and it works differently. Originally, it would adjust the contrast for each channel (red, green, and blue). In Photoshop CS6, it enhances the brightness and contrast and for more stable color results. It’s also easier to make adjustments afterwards because you can modify the black and white points without having to go into each channel.

Comparison of Auto Adjustments The new “Enhance Brightness and Contrast” auto adjustment mode in Photoshop CS6 produces stabler color results

New The new auto adjustment algorithm in CS6

16. What’s the new Color Lookup adjustment for?

Photoshop CS6 has a new adjustment you can apply to your photos and it’s one photographers would love. The Color Lookup adjustment lets you apply color profiles used in video editing and apply them to your Photoshop document. These adjustments can be used to simulate the color of films, monitors, and other devices. It looks pretty technical at first glance but when you click on the drop-down menus, you’ll find that Photoshop comes with many color presets it’s easy to use.
Color Lookup adjustment
There are some styles that could be simulated in Photoshop CS5 or earlier (ex. 2 Strip Technicolor) but others such as the 3 Strip Technicolor can only be done using the Color Lookup adjustment. In 2004, inspired by the movie “The Aviator” that featured the 2 and 3 Strip Technicolor effect, many photographers were trying to simulate the 3 Strip Technicolor look in Photoshop. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find an accurate way of doing it without custom scripting. Photoshop CS6 has this preset built in and now you can get this retro color look with just one adjustment layer.
3 Strip Technicolor Comparison
Photoshop comes with 32 Color Lookup profiles and you can add even more!
Color Lookup Profiles

17. Editing RAW files in the new and spectacular Camera RAW 7

Photoshop CS6 uses the same Camera RAW found in Lightroom 4 and it simply works better. There is a new process for adjusting images which makes more sense – you simply work from top to bottom. Adjustments also give better results and more room for recovery.

Camera RAW 7 vs 6.5 The new workflow lets you work from top to bottom. Also note that the values all start with 0.

Auto adjustments in Camera RAW 6.5 vs 7 Camera RAW 7 performs significantly better auto adjustments than Camera RAW 6.5.

18. Fixing wide angle/fisheye photos with the new Adaptive Wide Angle filter

Photographers now have more control over their photos with this new filter that corrects distortions. Firstly, it works as a Smart Filter which means you can convert your layer into a Smart Object, apply the filter, then go back and edit the settings at any time. Correcting distortions is amazingly easy and fast. Simply draw lines over straight edges and Photoshop will automatically fix the photo for you. If the photo was taken with a camera and lens that Photoshop has a profile for, it’ll automatically load it and correct the settings for you.

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