Switching To Photoshop CS6? 27 New Features and Changes You Need to Know

Switching To Photoshop CS6? 27 New Features and Changes You Need to Know
Switching To Photoshop CS6? 27 New Features and Changes You Need to Know

9. Using the Patch Tool on Content-Aware mode

The Patch tool isn’t new but what is is a new Content-Aware mode for the Patch tool. Content-Aware fill worked great for removing objects and selecting areas to copy the background from. With the Patch tool on Content-Aware mode, you can specify where Photoshop should sample the background from so that you get better object removals.

Content-Aware Patch tool
You can change the patch mode in the options bar

Changing Content-Aware adaptation
Not getting the results you like? Try changing the adaptation setting.

Content-Aware Fill vs Content-Aware Patch
The Content-Aware Patch tool can get results closer to perfect

10. Using the new Content-Aware Move tool to move and extend objects

The Content-Aware Move tool lets you move objects easily using content-aware technology. It works wonderfully when moving objects with a simple background but not perfectly for more complicated scenes like the one below.

Content-Aware Move tool
The Content-Aware Move tool

Using the Content-Aware Move tool

Results of the Content-Aware move
Photoshop did most of the work but more clone/heal work needs to be done for this image.

Changing adaptation settings
Not getting good results? Try adjusting the Adaptation level.

Change the mode from Move to Extend and now you can extend objects. To use, simply create a selection then drag to extend the object.

Switching to Extend mode
Extending trees using the Content-Aware Move tool on Extend mode

11. Using the updated Brush tool

Digital painters will love the new Brush tool. Photoshop CS6 introduces two new brush features: erodible tip and airbrush tip. Erodible brush settings let you draw lines with a tip that erodes like a crayon (from thin to thick lines). This lets you create paintings that look more realistic. Airbrush tips should be used with a pen tablet instead of a mouse and it lets you use your pen just like an airbrush – press harder to create a thinner line or lighter for a thicker line with more splatter. It can also detect the angle of your pen to control the direction of the spray - you'll need a tablet with tilt-sensitivity for this feature to work (ex. Wacom Intuos5).

The brush tool itself has been improved with a max brush size of 5000 px (compared to 2500 px) and rich cursor support. The rich cursor support lets you change your brush size and hardness dynamically simply by dragging your mouse (Alt+Right drag or Ctrl+Opt+Drag on Mac).

5000 px brush setting
The max brush size has been increased from 2500 to 5000 pixels.

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