Create This Charming Magician with Enchanting Effects in Photoshop

Create This Charming Magician with Enchanting Effects in Photoshop

Create This Charming Magician with Enchanting Effects in Photoshop

Step 8

Let's start with floor. I believe that the checkerboard floor gives gothic and antiquities to the picture, so I chose "dingedcheckeredfloor_by_ocd1c_stock" texture. Add this image on working document (File > Place (Place Embedded)) And then the fun begins, is to combine the perspectives of both images (make texture floor). Use Free Transform tool (Ctrl/Cmd+ T) to make image bigger and rotate on 60 degrees.


The use Distort tool (right click in transform mode) to lower the upper point to the level of the stairs, then lower side points and move to the bottom point to get the figure like in image below. It is very important that the floor did not look inclined; otherwise, the image will lose realism. I also want to note that floor will be more interesting if it be rhombuses, not a cell, but it is a matter of taste :)


Duplicate smart filter "Gaussian Blur" from the top layer with a staircase (hold Opt/Alt and drag the filter icon to the desired layer), make double click on filter name and set Radius: 1.8px. All three layers I merged into one group "Interior" (Select all layers > Cmd/Ctrl + G).


Step 9

The next steps I turned day into night. All the subsequent layers must be above group "Interior". In this technique, I combine adjustment layers and fill. Let's get start! Begin to darken from dark areas of the image. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective Color... Use image below to set the settings for Yellows and Blue colors.


Now add some blue tones to the light. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves... On Green channel set Input: 126, Output: 130 and on Blue channel be 3 points: Input: 59, Output: 63; Input: 124, Output: 132; Input: 182, Output: 197. You should see that the bright areas of the image acquired a blue tint. Through this we can make a smooth night scene over the entire image.


Next add a new layer filled with color #495cbf. Go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color. Set Mode "Soft Light" and Opacity: 30%. Specify color #495cbf and press OK. This layer, I added a bit of color to even out the color scheme. These layers are preparing colors and image for the correct application of the night effect

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