Create This Charming Magician with Enchanting Effects in Photoshop

Create This Charming Magician with Enchanting Effects in Photoshop
Hide the black background (do not worry if sparks will be on a black background, all is well and just later it will be fixed) and will Merge all layers with the leopard into one (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + E). Hold Cmd/Ctrl and click on thumbnail to select a leopard. Use Move Tool (V) to move it to a working document with photomanip.
Increase slightly its size and position it near the feet of the model. Set Blending Mode "Screen". Place the layer with the leopard between the group with the model and shadow. Our leopard is ready and we can start working on lighting and visual effects.

Step 23

In this part of tutorial I will teach you how to make glow and reflected light. With a few layers, we create realistic lighting and effects. First, add a little color and smoke to the overall atmosphere. Create a new layer below leopard, take soft round brush (Size: 600px, Opacity: 35%) with color #ad5b3d and draw a light around a leopard and a little on the stairs. Set "Color" Blending Mode to this layer.
Load brush pack "ryky___all_my_photoshop_brushes_by_ryky-d6lsedy" in Photoshop. Select brush "Aufgenommener Pinsel 2 10" (Size: 600px, Opacity: 20%) and on a new layer above leopard, using white color draw a smoke around model and leopard

Step 24

We proceed to a model. I think it necessary to make lighting now, then to make it easier to add other effects. All of the following, I will write on its own layer and with different blending modes. Be careful and accurate to achieve good results. So create a new layer and make it as Clipping Mask (Cmd/Ctrl + Opt/Alt + G), that layer contents acted to the group with the model) to model's group. Use soft round brush (B) (Size: 250px, Opacity: 100%, Color: #e16640) and draw a light spot on model's leg and hand, that are closer to the leopard. Layer Blending Mode "Soft Light", Opacity: 80%.
Do the same with the next layer of light but using color #ffff84 and drawing closer to the edge of the contour to amplify light. Layer Blending Mode "Soft Light", Opacity: 57%. In this part of the tutorial we will draw a lot :)

Step 25

Now do the bright glow of the fire. Select Brush Tool (B) (Size: 35px, Opacity: 100%, Color: #f1a73c) and very carefully, on a new layer make a more detailed edges of folds and on dress, on the leg the model make a small reflection of the fire. Layer Blending Mode "Overlay", Opacity: 36%.
Create glow from the book on hand and hair model. I understand that it is a little early, but be much better to create one it is now, that then you do not get confused. The scheme remains the same: New layer - Brush Tool (B) (Size: 100px, Opacity: 100%, Color: #64ccf4) - Layer Blending Mode "Normal", Opacity: 68%. Gently apply the basic tone of the face, hair and hand model. The second layer is the same, but now I stepped distribution of color on hair and face with the other side and changed layer Blending Mode to "Color", Opacity: 100%.

Step 26

Now add effects to a book. First, you need to make the right lighting for a book. Create a new Overlay-neutral color layer (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N and set Mode: "Overlay" and checkbox on "Fill with Overlay-neutral color), set it as Clipping Mask (Cmd/Ctrl + Opt/Alt + G) to book layer. Dodge pages and darken the lower part of the book (settings for Burn Tool (O) Dodge Tool (O) in Step 12 and Size: 150px). Set Opacity: 70% to this layer.

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