Create This Charming Magician with Enchanting Effects in Photoshop

Create This Charming Magician with Enchanting Effects in Photoshop
Create normal new layer and make a big spot on a book with Brush Tool (B) (Size: 700px, Opacity: 100%, Color #4ccafe). Set for this layer Blending Mode "Color". Therefore, the next new layer is the flight to your imagination and desires. I added to the niche flying particles. You can use whatever you like. There are no restrictions. I made a small list of the used brushes if you want to repeat my result. Use different values of Opacity (30% -100%), change the brush size, form (I use brushes "NagelSeries37-Spots01", "NagelSeries37-Spots02", "The Fairy Dust Brush", "Sampled Brush 1 6", "splatter 2") and use different combinations of colors (I use #4ccafe and 97dffe). All you want. In this brush set a very different brushes.
Mandatory condition is create a new layer after every one or two strokes, it will allow you to change the Opacity of every stroke and merge there layers (Cmd/Ctrl + E).

Step 27

Now freeze a book :). For this purpose on two new layers (there layers as Clipping Masks and above the layer with book shadow) I use brush "Sampled Brush 2 40" (Size: 80px) with color #95a2a8 I drew on the cover of book the frost. Change Opacity (40% -70%) to achieve better results.
Add the final layer for outside snowflakes. This layer is located under a layer with a blue glow and not like Clipping Mask. Brush form "Snowflakes", Size: 30-40px, color #95a2a8. Layer Blending mode - "Soft Light". That's it! With a book on this, we finish. A little later, when we will add basic lighting effects, we will add a few details, and now add the flying pages.

Step 28

So, the flying sheets. For the beginning we were a little scattered them on the floor to further understand how placing flying sheets. Place image "burnt_music_sheets_png_by_frozenstocks-d5prud7" into working document and that return to Step 8 (where you make a floor), place sheets, but in this case, I recommend a little to reduce its size. Layer with notes is located under a layer of shadow on the model. Create a group "sheets" and work with it there (Cmd/Ctrl + G). So you do not get stuck in layers.
Duplicate sheets several times and change their position, to make the texture more diverse. I will integrate layers with sheets on the floor and add a layer mask to remove the duplicated fragments.

Step 29

We now make flying sheets in the background. Again, Place image "burnt_music_sheets_png_by_frozenstocks-d5prud7" and simply duplicate them three times and is located at the middle and bottom of the image. Resize multiple copies to make realistic flight (pages cannot all fly in the same plane).
As with previous sheets, I merge the layers into one and added a layer mask and remove some pages to reduce their density and set the direction of flight.

Step 30

Convert resulting layer to Smart Object (right click on a layer > Convert to Smart Object). Now we can apply a motion and make changes to it. Go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Set Angle: 35 degrees and Distance: 30px and click OK.
On effect layer mask remove blur from edges of the sheets which are closest to model with Brush Tool (B) (Size: 150px. Opacity: 40%, Hardness: 0%).
Create a new layer above flying sheets and fill it with black color. Set layer Opacity: 56%. At now sheets, look realistic. Because the light in this picture is not uniform and it is important to preserve the unity of the atmosphere.

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