How to Create a Marvellous Night Landscape with Waterfalls

How to Create a Marvellous Night Landscape with Waterfalls
How to Create a Marvellous Night Landscape with Waterfalls

Here is the result in the overlay at 100% opacity.


If we want to give more vivid highlight, we can repeat this step by painting more highlight on a new different layer like the result I did.


Here is the result so far…


Step 55

Proceed to give the last adjustment layer to the scene. This time we will give it curves adjustment layer. Make sure to create this layer above all the other layers and folders so it will be the topmost layer in the layer panel.


Mask the areas indicated by the selection and set it to normal at about 60% opacity.


Here is the result:


Step 56

Create again a new layer above the curves layer. Set this new layer to linear light at 100% opacity. Take the brush tool. Choose a hard round brush set to 100% opacity with a size of about 2-4 pixels. With white color, click the brush randomly on the areas needed to create stars. After creating the star, we can duplicate the star layer in order to make the star brighter. Finally, group the star layers in one folder.


Step 57

Make sure we are still active on the star folder. Hit Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E to stamp all the layers into one single layer. Then go to filter > others > high pass.


Set this stamp layer to overlay at 100% opacity. This will sharpen the scene. And….. this is the final step in this tutorial. Here is the result after a very long tutorial.....


Final Results

Download the PSD | 148 MB

Tutorial by Dek Wid

profileThank you for following this tutorial! Hope that you learn something today and happy photoshopping. Wid's side - My personal blog

- Dek Wid

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27 comments on “How to Create a Marvellous Night Landscape with Waterfalls”

  1. Very awesome tut here. Sometimes I wanna make my images a little more "fantasy", but I always feel like I lack the creativity.

  2. I was unable to get the 2 waterfalls as my security wont let me and the Rock6 was not sure which one you wanted...really want to learn this but am having issues ~ thank you

  3. sorry, i didnt get step 16...i hit -100 on HS but the color changed to totally black n white! whats wrong?

  4. You did an excellent job of step by step tutorial with pics which helped me understand why and the reason for each.
    Thanks ;)

  5. I like your tutorial a lot!

    But, sorry if it sounds dumb, how do i copy-paste the cut out into the main document (step 3)? It doesn´t work with ctrl+c/ctrl+v...

    1. firstly select the cut out (hold-press Ctrl and click the thumbnail of the cut out layer. when it is selected, hit Ctrl+C and then be active on the main document, paste (ctrl+v) the layer on it.

    1. If you see red than press Q to get out of quick mask. If you dont see red, just click on the left thumbnail of your layer... the left one not the right thumbnail.

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