Create a Surreal, Emotional Underground Scene Photo Manipulation

Create a Surreal, Emotional Underground Scene Photo Manipulation
Create a Surreal, Emotional Underground Scene Photo Manipulation

Step 23

Continue to add more branches to the cave using different parts of the stock, transform, warp it...if needed. I used 12 layers and here is my result:


Some branches are hard to see as they're dark but we'll brighten them to make them more visible.

Step 24

Make group for these branches as done with the cave. I named this group "branches 1" and I applied Hue/Saturation for them:


Step 25

Use Curves to brighten the branches:


On Curves layer mask use brush to reduce the lightness on some branches below:


Step 26

Open branches 2 stock. Take a part from the trunk and locate it on the top of the cave, set this layer above the cave group. I used Warp Tool to bend it a little:


Go to Edit-Puppet Warp to tweak this branch more:


Step 27

Add layer mask to blend this branch with the cave a bit:


Step 28

Duplicate this layer five times and arrange them around the cave. Double click the Puppet Warp filter of each layer to edit their curve. Here is my result:


Step 29

Group these layers and name it "branches 2". Use a Curves layer within this group to darken these branches:


Apply erasing job on Curves layer mask:


Step 30

Add a Hue/Saturation layer for the branches 2:


Step 31

Open grass stock. I took grass part and put it above the cave after tweaking it a little with Warp Tool:


Apply Puppet Warp to create a hill from the grass part:


I named this layer "hill".

Step 32

Add layer mask to this one and use brush with hardness about 10-15% to remove hard edges and create a soft, smooth look for the hill:


Step 33

Make a new layer under the hill one. Use soft black brush with opacity about 70% to paint under the hill to make shadow for it on the cave:


Step 34

To fix some parts on the hill I used Clone Tool on a new layer with Clipping Mask:


After cloning I found them a bit blurred. To correct it, go to Filter-Sharpen-Unsharp Mask and fill the following values:


Step 35

Use Curves to darken the hill:


As you see on the final result preview, the main light comes from top center . So on Curves layer mask I erased the higher part of the hill that's nearer the sky (to keep it brighter) and keep the lower part darker (don't erase or just erase with lower brush opacity ).

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  1. Unfortunately, the resources are no longer available. There's a double edge to free stock photos; they're free, but they tend to disappear. It is still possible to follow the tutorial using alternative photos. You can download the PSD and find the stock photos there as well.

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