Create a Surreal, Emotional Underground Scene Photo Manipulation


Step 16

After darkening, the model hair became very solid and unnatural. To correct it, I made a new layer on the top, used brush with color #080707, 5 px to paint some soft parts and tiny hair strands:

Step 17

Open soil 2 stock. Take a part from it and position it above the model:
Use layer mask to get the look below:

Step 18

Drag the soil again into our pic:
Add layer mask to this one. Use black brush with hardness about 70-75% to paint inside this part to create a form of a cave.

Step 19

I wanted to fix something of the cave so active Clone Tool (S) and make a new layer:
Use this tool to remove these details:

Step 20

Make all the cave layers and clone one selected then press Cmd/Ctrl+G to make group for them. Change the mode of this group from Pass Through (default group mode) to Normal 100%. I named the cave layers "part 1" and "part 2". Create a Hue/Saturation layer within this group:

Step 21

Use Curves to darken the cave:
On Curves layer mask use brush with very low opacity (10-15%) to reduce the dark on some parts a little:

Step 22

Open branches 1 stock. Use Lasso Tool (L) to choose one part from this image then drag it into our image. Use Warp Tool to tweak this part as shown below:
Remember to place this layer under cave group.

Step 23

Continue to add more branches to the cave using different parts of the stock, transform, warp it...if needed. I used 12 layers and here is my result:
Some branches are hard to see as they're dark but we'll brighten them to make them more visible.

Step 24

Make group for these branches as done with the cave. I named this group "branches 1" and I applied Hue/Saturation for them:

Step 25

Use Curves to brighten the branches:
On Curves layer mask use brush to reduce the lightness on some branches below:

Step 26

Open branches 2 stock. Take a part from the trunk and locate it on the top of the cave, set this layer above the cave group. I used Warp Tool to bend it a little:
Go to Edit-Puppet Warp to tweak this branch more:

Step 27

Add layer mask to blend this branch with the cave a bit:

Step 28

Duplicate this layer five times and arrange them around the cave. Double click the Puppet Warp filter of each layer to edit their curve. Here is my result:

Step 29

Group these layers and name it "branches 2". Use a Curves layer within this group to darken these branches:
Apply erasing job on Curves layer mask:

Step 30

Add a Hue/Saturation layer for the branches 2:

Step 31

Open grass stock. I took grass part and put it above the cave after tweaking it a little with Warp Tool:
Apply Puppet Warp to create a hill from the grass part:
I named this layer "hill".

Step 32

Add layer mask to this one and use brush with hardness about 10-15% to remove hard edges and create a soft, smooth look for the hill:

Step 33

Make a new layer under the hill one. Use soft black brush with opacity about 70% to paint under the hill to make shadow for it on the cave:

Step 34

To fix some parts on the hill I used Clone Tool on a new layer with Clipping Mask:

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