Create a Surreal, Emotional Underground Scene Photo Manipulation

Create a Surreal, Emotional Underground Scene Photo Manipulation

Create a Surreal, Emotional Underground Scene Photo Manipulation

Step 67

Open leaves stock pack. Choose the leaves you like and put them between the heart:


I used layer mask to remove some big leaves:


Step 68

Add more leaves to inside, around the heart and to the sky, hill to create a scattering effect, try to achieve a random look:


Step 69

To create some depth to this effect, I added more leaves to the sky part, around the branches heart. I applied Gaussian Blur with 3 px and 1.5 px for them. In the screenshots, you can see some leaves are blurrier (Blur 3 px) and some others less (1.5 px).


I used 59 layers for the leaves in sky. Group all of them and name it "sky".

Step 70

I used 11 layers to add falling leaves on the hill:


Group them and call it "hill".

Step 71

Make a layer inside the "hill" group, and place it at the bottom. Use black brush with very small size (2-3 px) to paint under the leaves lying on the hill to make shadow for them:


Step 72

Take another leaves and arrange them around model, cave, underground. I applied Gaussian Blur with 3 px for some bigger leaves to create depth to the scene.


Step 73

To the leaf on model feet, I made shadow for it with Drop Shadow effect. Double click this leaf layer, choose Blending Options:


Step 74

I used Curves with Clipping Mask to darken and brighten some separate leaves (darken the one inside and brighten the ones outside the cave).


Step 75

Group all the leaves layers around the cave, name it "cave". Create a Curves layer to darken all of these leaves:


On this Curves layer mask use brush to change lightness of them. I meant to keep the ones inside the cave darker and the ones outside brighter:


Step 76

I added a Curves layer with same purpose:


Step 77

Group all groups "sky", "hill", "cave" and change the mode to Normal 100%. Make a Hue/Saturation layer to change color of all the leaves in these groups:


Step 78

Add another Curves to darken more some leaves at the lower positions:


Apply masking job with leaves around the hill, sky:


Step 79

Use Levels to brighten leaves at the higher positions:


Apply layer mask brushing :


Step 80

Make leaves selection as done with branches heart (step 66).


Step 81

Make a new layer on the top. Load leaves selection (as done in step 53) and click Add layer mask button. We have result on its layer mask:

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  1. Unfortunately, the resources are no longer available. There's a double edge to free stock photos; they're free, but they tend to disappear. It is still possible to follow the tutorial using alternative photos. You can download the PSD and find the stock photos there as well.

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    I'm a fan of photoshop and I see that you give real professional lessons.
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