Create a Surreal, Emotional Underground Scene Photo Manipulation

Create a Surreal, Emotional Underground Scene Photo Manipulation

Create a Surreal, Emotional Underground Scene Photo Manipulation

Fill this selection with black (Shift+F5). Then choose Edit-Transform-Flip Vertical and move this shadow under the tree bottom.


Step 54

Lower opacity to 60% then apply Gaussian Blur with 3 px (Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur):


On Filter layer mask use soft black brush to remove blur effect at the part near the tree bottom to keep the hard look for it:


Step 55

Add layer mask to shadow layer and remove the top of it:


Step 56

I used Curves to brighten the tree:


Step 57

Add a Color Balance layer to give the tree some yellow:


Step 58

To add more light to the tree, I used a new layer and take brush with color #fab3b3, opacity and flow 25-35%. Paint along the tree sides as I did below:


Step 59

Make a new layer with same settings in step 10. Use Dodge and Burn Tool to create more contrast on the tree:


Step 60

It's time for most interesting parts of the tutorial - making a heart from branches. Open branches 3 stock. First use your own method to cut out the branches from background:


Use Lasso Tool to take a part from isolated branches and put it above the tree. I used Warp Tool to bend it:


Step 61

Use different parts from branches stock to put on the tree following a heart shape, use Warp Tool or Puppet Warp Tool if needed . I used layer mask to remove any unwanted parts. You don't need to create exactly like mine but can take it as a reference:


I used 15 layers for this branches heart.

Step 62

Group all heart branches layers and name them (I called them from 1 to 15). I used Dodge Tool with same way in previous steps to brighten some parts that are too dark:


Step 63

Make a new layer on the top of these branches layers (within this group). Use hard black brush, 1 px and color #1a142d to make some branches parts more visible:


Step 64

Add a Curves layer within this group to brighten this heart:


I used brush on Curves layer mask to clear some parts below:


Step 65

Use Color Balance to give some yellow to the branches:


Step 66

Right click branches heart group, choose Duplicate Group. Right click it again, choose Merge Group. Now we have a selection of these branches that will be useful in next steps. Turn off this layer.

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  1. Unfortunately, the resources are no longer available. There's a double edge to free stock photos; they're free, but they tend to disappear. It is still possible to follow the tutorial using alternative photos. You can download the PSD and find the stock photos there as well.

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  4. Great! all Photoshop tutorials are unique. Thanks for sharing your good effective knowledge.

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  6. Please re uploaded PSD file because when i click on download showing 404 error, this is best work for me i want check how did you do this

  7. This is a pro job.
    I'm a fan of photoshop and I see that you give real professional lessons.
    I admire your work

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