How to Create a Surreal Gothic Artwork in Photoshop


Step 46

Go to Hue/Saturation and make the yellow tones lighter by +100.
Take the Burn Tool, but this time set the range to "Shadows" and click a few times around the eye to make it pop. Then take the Sponge Tool and choose "Saturate" from its drop-down menu. Click a few times on the eye.
For the shadow, create a new layer under the rabbit and using a soft round brush with black colour, draw this shape. The larger your brush is, the smoother the edges of the shadow will be.
Go back to bunny's layer and reduce Vibrance by -50. Also add some Brightness (+15).

Step 47

Now the reflection. It has to be very subtle. Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer and make a copy of the bunny. Flip it vertically and place it under the white fluffy creature so that the noses touch.
Go to Edit > Free Transform and then click the little arch that appears to enter the warping mode. Warp the reflection until the paws touch as well.
Go back to the bunny layer and select the paw. Right-click and "Layer via Copy".
Flip it vertically and warp a little bit so that the paw on the reflection is flat. Then take a soft round eraser and blend the paw in.
Darken the reflection's stomach with the Burn Tool.
Lower the reflection layer's opacity to subtle 25%.
Finally, add this Gradient Overlay.

Step 48

With bunny!

Step 49

Paste the wall texture on a separate layer right above the wallpaper layer. Resize it so that it fits the area.
Texture is now set on Soft Light. I also desaturated it and set the Lightness to -15.
With a slight reflection.

Step 50

Finally, colours! This is the fun part. Use settings provided and you should have a nice blue-toned image.

Final Result


Tutorial by Siiri Kumari

blond I hope you liked it!

- Siiri Kumari

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  1. Nice tuto very useful and well detailled. Thanks a lot. Hope you 'll post a new one to enhance our skill !!

    1. Click on the alternative link.

      But please stop using deviantart and unrepeatable websites for stock. I especially hate deviantart because of the outlandish rules some providers set.

  2. Hi
    little unsure on how to achieve final step 50, I'm not sure if it is because i am using CS5 or anything??? what should i be doing to change the colour to the blue ?? where can i find it ? it was the part i was looking forward to doing :( awesome tutorial tho :)

  3. Bonjour ;Merci beaucoup pour votre tutoriel qui me plait
    Mes un peu difficile pour moi.Je compte prendre toute ou une parti du tutoriel pour me faire la main et surtout pour mon inspiration !! Un grand MERCI pour votre Aide.

    Je vous souhaite une bonne journée .


  4. Amazing tutorial Siiri! Thanks for he share. Oh and link to dress for is dead any alternative for that?

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