Learn how to create the popular desaturated urban look in Adobe Lightroom. This tutorial can also be followed in Adobe Photoshop with the Camera Raw filter (Filter > Camera Raw filter). In this video, you’ll learn how to desaturate all colors except red/orange/yellow, add clarity, create a lifted or crushed black look with the tone curves, and adding a blue tint to the shadows.

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Broken Link!!!


How do I find the video?

Thomas Logan

Many tutorials on the net attempting to illustrate creating this look. However, this is the best one yet… watch this video and pay attention to Denny’s technique and how it allows you to imagine your own modifications instead of a one-click filter type result. He shows each tool used to get what/where you want, and where you can make your own changes and illustrate your personal artistic vision for a cityscape.

Bravo Denny, thanks for this very well done tutorial and the hard work that went into it (there is even a printed version with screenshots provided on his blog!).

Paride Odierna

The Video won’t play. I’m in England :)

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