Create a Vector Style Magazine Cover in Photoshop

Create a Vector Style Magazine Cover in Photoshop

Create a Vector Style Magazine Cover in Photoshop

Ctrl+Click on the title layer, goto Select > Modify > Expand. Expand the selection by 9 pixels. Create a new layer below the title and fill the selection with #ffffff or white. Rename this layer as "Stroke".


Create a new layer above the "Stroke" layer. Paint some bright greens with a large soft brush. Now clip this to the "Stroke" layer below. Change the "Stroke" layer blend mode to Lighten.


Step 27 : Caption bar

Draw this shape with the Pen Tool inside the "Title" group . Add the some caption.


Load the "Grungy Film Brushes". Add a layer mask to the caption bar. Press 'D' to set the colors to default. Pick a brush from the Grungy film brushes. Paint on the either edges in the Layer mask to get this grungy look. Pick a large soft brush and paint in the middle of the caption bar. Follow the image.


Step 28 : Text

Create a new group called "Text" below the "Title" group. Add strips. We will add text on top of the strips.


Add Month & Year. I used Myriad Pro Condensed.


Copy and paste barcode from the resources file into "Text" group. Reposition it like below.


Add some text with the Type Tool.


Add a divider. You can create it very easily in Illustrator.


Step 29 : Finishing Touches

Now add a vignette. Create a new layer below the "Text" group called "Vignette". Pick a large soft brush with #000000; paint on the edges of the document.


Change the layer Blend mode to Overlay. The effect is a bit strong on the lower part. Add a Layer mask to hide the effect.


Draw with a black&white gradient inside the mask. Make sure white is at top.


Create a new layer above the title layer. Add a nice pink color with a soft brush. Clip it to the title layer. Grab the Eraser Tool. Select a grunge brush from the "Grungy Film Brushes". Erase a bit.


Load selection from the sun's outline layer and click on the title layer, click on the Add layer mask button. See the result.


Add grunge effect to the stripes. Add a mask. Use a grunge brush to erase.


Preview of Final Results


Download the PSD | 13 MB

Authors Comment

profileI am a Graphic Designer and a wannabe VFX artist. A few months ago I was approached by a client for a magazine cover page design and that gave me inspiration to write this tutorial. Hope you had fun and find this tutorial useful.

- niranth

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  2. Hello Niranth, this was truly a fun filled tutorial!!!! Thank you very much for supplying such a detailed and organized project. I have recently finished this tutorial and was wondering if I could post this on my portfolio site? I would be sure to give you credit. Just let me know if you ever have the chance. <3

    Sincerely - Auzurial

  3. can u plz mail me d psd file as ders some downloading error wic im facing..plaeas do it by 2mrw...its really very urgent

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