Create a Vector Style Magazine Cover in Photoshop


Create a black and white gradient. Apply Halftone pattern. Move it into the “Below ground” group. Position it on top of the ground layer. Change the Blend mode to Soft Light. Mask out unwanted area by loading selection from the ground layer.



Step 24 :Adding Custom Elements

Open the Illustrator file provided below. Copy and paste shapes into our file as Smart Objects. You can apply layer styles to them. Once you arrange them group them as “custom elements”. Place it above the “Flourishes” group.


Step 25 : Add paint texture

Open the 22.png from the “Drips and Spray Paint Pack”. Drag and drop it into the main file.


Use layer mask to erase areas where it is too strong. Reduce the Opacity to 30%.


Duplicate the paint texture. Press Ctrl+T, right click on the bounding box and choose Flip Vertical. Reposition it at the bottom of the layout. Select the two layers and press Ctrl+G to group them and rename it as “Paint Texture”.


Load the “Drippy Spray Brushes”. Create a new layer and under the bees, pick a spray paint brush. Add splats. Change the blending mode Hard Light.


Step 26 : Title

Now add title. I chose the name “Artkind”. Create a new group called “Title”. Place it at top in the layer stack. Select the Horizontal Type Tool and type the text. I used Myriad Pro family to create the entire text. You can choose any similar font. But always limit your fonts to 2 to 3 types. Turn on the guides to make sure the text is within the text safe zone.


Ctrl+Click on the title layer, goto Select > Modify > Expand. Expand the selection by 9 pixels. Create a new layer below the title and fill the selection with #ffffff or white. Rename this layer as “Stroke”.


Create a new layer above the “Stroke” layer. Paint some bright greens with a large soft brush. Now clip this to the “Stroke” layer below. Change the “Stroke” layer blend mode to Lighten.


Step 27 : Caption bar

Draw this shape with the Pen Tool inside the “Title” group . Add the some caption.


Load the “Grungy Film Brushes”. Add a layer mask to the caption bar. Press ‘D’ to set the colors to default. Pick a brush from the Grungy film brushes. Paint on the either edges in the Layer mask to get this grungy look. Pick a large soft brush and paint in the middle of the caption bar. Follow the image.


Step 28 : Text

Create a new group called “Text” below the “Title” group. Add strips. We will add text on top of the strips.


Add Month & Year. I used Myriad Pro Condensed.


Copy and paste barcode from the resources file into “Text” group. Reposition it like below.


Add some text with the Type Tool.


Add a divider. You can create it very easily in Illustrator.


Step 29 : Finishing Touches

Now add a vignette. Create a new layer below the “Text” group called “Vignette”. Pick a large soft brush with #000000; paint on the edges of the document.


Change the layer Blend mode to Overlay. The effect is a bit strong on the lower part. Add a Layer mask to hide the effect.


Draw with a black&white gradient inside the mask. Make sure white is at top.


Create a new layer above the title layer. Add a nice pink color with a soft brush. Clip it to the title layer. Grab the Eraser Tool. Select a grunge brush from the “Grungy Film Brushes”. Erase a bit.

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