Create a Vector Style Magazine Cover in Photoshop


Clip the layer to the shape layer, change the blending mode to Luminosity.


Draw leaf outlines.


Step 13 : Drawing Clouds

Creating clouds is quite simple. Start by creating one shape layer and draw inside the vector mask holding “Shift” key. Once a full cloud is completed just select the paths with Path selection tool, copy and paste them to create multiple copies. Resize a bit by pressing Ctrl+T. Place this layer above the “Sky” layer.


Step 14 : Organize layers

Take a look at our Layers palette notice how things are organized.


Step 15 : Setting up the characters

Turn on the “Sun” group. Reposition it as below.


Turn on the “Little Robo” group. Arrange it like below.


Now draw shadow to the robo character. Create the shadow with Ellipse Tool or using Pen Tool, place it at the very bottom of the layer stack of the group. Set color to #000000, reduce the layer opacity to 50%.


Turn on other characters as well and arrange them similar to the image. Resize them if your characters happen to be big, click on the group and press Ctrl+T and reduce the size.


Add some more bees to the composition. Select the bee group and drag and drop it on to the Create new layer icon on the Layers palette. This duplicates the group. Right click on the group and choose Convert to Smart Object. We can easily duplicate it by pressing Ctrl+J. Create one more copy of it and arrange them as you see below.


Step 16 : Flourishes

Create a new group called “Flourishes”, place it above the “Bee” group. Draw this simple shape with Pen Tool. Use any color.


Duplicate the layer a couple of times to get this result.


Apply gradients.


Right click on the shape layer to which you applied gradient. Choose copy layer styles, right click on the other shape and choose Paste layer styles. Double click to load the Layer styles dialogue box and apply the following gradient. No need to touch the bevel. Just adjust the gradient.


Repeat the process.


Reposition the group.


As you can see the flourishes are above the sun and mountains. I want them to look like they are coming from behind the sun. So we need to mask out the overlapping areas. Add a Layer mask to the folder and follow the steps.


Duplicate the “Flourishes” layer group. Press Ctrl+T and right click on the selection, choose Flip Horizontal. Rotate a bit and reposition like in this image.


Step 17 : Adding highlight

Let’s add some highlights behind the sun. Create a new layer,rename it as “Highlight” and place it below the clouds. Pick a color, here I used #fff9d5, with a large soft brush add some highlights.


Step 18 : Texturing – Background

Open the Halftone textures file in Illustrator. Copy this pattern by pressing Ctrl+C.


Back in Photoshop paste the texture by pressing Ctrl+V. Paste it as Smart Object.


Send it below to “Highlight” layer and reposition it.


Open Texture 1, desaturate it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+U. Drag and drop it into the main file. Place it just above the “Clouds” layer. Set the blending mode to Multiply and set the opacity around 30%.


Step 19 : Texturing – Sun

Open Texture 2. Draw a selection with Rectangular Marquee Tool. Press Ctrl+Shift+U to desaturate. Press Ctrl+L to load Levels dialogue box, apply the settings.



Now copy the selection, paste it in the main file. Place it at top in the “Sun” group.


Change the texture blending mode to multiply. Add a Layer mask and Mask out any hard edges.

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