Draw a Stargate Timer in Photoshop

Draw a Stargate Timer in Photoshop
Right click on the path and select “Make Selection.” Fill the selection with white (#FFFFFF). Duplicate this layer and transform it to the following.
  • W: -100
  • H: -100%
Place the transformed selection at the lower right corner of the knob.
When you copied your knob, you should have copied the volume lines too. Resize the lines so that they fit in the knob.
Change the Exposure (Image > Adjustments > Exposure) to the following setting.
  • Exposure: -9,65
  • Gamma Correction: 1,00

Step 12 – Middle Section

Here I added a line from the D.SQL button to the knob we just made in Step 11. I wrote ? in the knob. I also added a power button and a “TEST BATT” button. lastly, I rotated one of the power metres to add the BATT LEVEL section.
To create the power symbol, I used the Elliptical Selection Tool (hold Shift to make a perfect circle) and Stroked (Edit > Stroke) it white (#FFFFFF) with a 2px stroke.
Then use the Eraser Tool (E) to erase some portion of the upper section and use the Pencil Tool with a 2px tip to draw a line coming out.

Step 13 – Colourful Display

This is what you will make.
Open a new document with the following settings.
Create a new layer and hide the background. Paint the top half of Layer 1 gray.
Select all and Define the Pattern (Edit > Define Pattern) with a name you like. Then close the document.
Going back to our main image, create a new group and a new layer. Make a selection with a height of 125 and a width of 40. Fill (Edit > Fill) with the pattern you just created.
Use the Pencil Tool with a 3px tip and the colour (#FF0100) to create the following display.
These are the colours used for the 8 different blocks.
  • #FF0100 (red)
  • #FF5A00
  • #FFAD00
  • #FFD801
  • #FDFE02
  • #CFFE00
  • #9BFF00
  • #6DFF00 (green)
Delete some random squares and place it next to the knob you made in step 11.

Step 14 – The bottom

This is what you will make.
The green display is the same as the one created in Step 10, so duplicate the group that contains the green display. Then scale it down (Edit > Transform > Scale). Change the date to any date you want. The rest of the “text” buttons are also duplicate buttons from other steps. Now, to create the numerical buttons, duplicate one of the buttons and scale the vertical alignment to about 130%. Then use the Text Tool and type the number 0 using the following settings.
  • Font Face: Tenby Five
  • Size: 60px
  • Colour: White
Select (Ctrl + Click) the layer.
For the number 1, Select (Ctrl + Click) the text layer and then the background layer. Then Copy (Edit > Copy) and Paste (Edit > Paste) it so there is another layer. Delete the text layer.
Set the new layer to these Bevel and Emboss settings.
  • Style: Inner Bevel
  • Technique: Smooth
  • Depth: 1%
  • Direction: Up
  • Size: 0
  • Soften: 0
Then add some Outer Glow with these settings.
To make the slanted corners on some of the numbers, create a rectangular selection and rotated it 45 degrees. Then select the layer for the button you wish to alter. Next, hit “Enter” to transform the selection. Last, hit “Delete” to erase the part of the corner.
Apply the same effect to other buttons you wish to alter.

Final Results


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