How To Create A Grungy iPhone Application Advertisement in Photoshop

How To Create A Grungy iPhone Application Advertisement in Photoshop
Now just group the layers and groups: "iTunes Store", "Download the new iDeitch App for FREE.", "Button", and "App". Name the group "Download".

Step 8: Place our Icon in the iPhone

Open the iPhone file. Before dragging the whole iPhone document to our project I want you to hide the following layers:
After deleting the layers I showed you, group the layers left (without the background) and name the group "iPhone". Then, drag the iPhone group to our document and decrease its size to 348px on 680px and drag it until it lays besides the guides on the left.
Duplicate the group App and drag it into the iPhone Group, then into "Springboard Components" and then into "Springboard Icons". Then, decrease the group "App copy" by 45% (till 55%), hide the Drop Shadow effect from the bottom layer, merge all of the App copy group, and apply the Drop Shadow effect again. After that, write "iDeitch" with the following settings, and then apply the same Drop Shadow effect to the text:
Rename the app icon to iDeitch and group the app icon and the text which says "iDeitch". Name the group iDeitch.

Step 9: Add the comment on the iPhone

Select the type tool. type "Download Now!" with Cheyenne Hand Font, font size 16pt. Then rotate the text layer 25 degrees clockwise.
Now we're going to create the arrow. Create a new layer. name it "Arrow". Select the Pen Tool (P) and create the following path:
Now select the Brush Tool (B) and select the default round hard brush. Change its size to 2px. Make sure the Hardness is 100% and that your Foreground Color is black. Switch back to the Pen Tool and right click the path we have created a second ago. A new menu is supposed to open up where you have right clicked. Pick "Stroke Path". Now we have finished the arrow itself. Let's create the head of the arrow: Create the following path and repeat the steps we did to create the body of the arrow:
Group the "Download Now! comment and the Arrow. Name the group "Comment" and drag it into the top of the group iPhone.

Step 10: Create the Colorful Title and Background

Open the Cloud Brushes brush set. Create a new layer under the group Textures. Name it "Clouds". Select the first brush in the brush pack and paint the layer as shown below, with the colors #ffed21, #fd43f2, #3fcbee:
After finishing the background create a new layer. Select the Type Tool (T) and write "iDeitch" with the settings below. Then, type "NEW APP" with the other settings below, on a different layer. Use the color #ffed21. Then group the two text layer and name them "Yellow". Duplicate "Yellow" and rename it to "Blue". Move the Blue group a little to the right and up and apply on the layers the following Layer Styles:
After applying the Layer Styles group the groups Yellow and Blue and name their group "Title".

Step 11: Create the "Made By Ofek Deitch" Sign

Create a new layer and group it. Name the group "Made By". select the layer we have just created, and using the Type Tool (T), write "Made By" with the settings below. Then, Create another layer and type "OFEK" (The settings are found below). Create another last layer and type "DEITCH" with the setting below.
Rotate the layer that says "OFEK" 90 degrees CCW (Counter-Clockwise). Arrange the layers like this:

Step 12: Putting the Copyright at the Bottom

Create a new layer. Select the Type Tool (T) and type: "Copyright © 2011 by Ofek Deitch. All rights reserved.". Before typing, change the Type Tool's settings to the following ones:

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