Create a Beautiful River Scenery in Photoshop

Create a Beautiful River Scenery in Photoshop

Now when this box opens, do the following as shown on the image below:


After you’ve clicked OK, you will see that the image is now a Black and White image but that’s not how it is supposed to look. We’re going for an image which has high contrast and dramatic lighting of that of a sunset, and in order for us to achieve that, we will need to make it colored. To do that, simply change the Blending mode of the Gradient Map layer to Multiply.

That could be done by clicking on the word Normal on the Layer window for a set of modes to appear. Once it pops up click on Multiply.


The result will be:


Next, let’s lessen the contrast of the lake layer. To do that, click on the Create New Fill/Adjustment layer button again and click on Brightness/Contrast from the contextual menu.

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  1. lovely~
    the river photo on deviant arts, several links are the exact photo here, very popular tutorial, thanks!