Create an Eerie Portrait Photo Manipulation with Photoshop

Create an Eerie Portrait Photo Manipulation with Photoshop
-Similarly follow the same procedure to cut the other end of the log.

Step 18

Now by using the Burn Tool (O) burn the edges of the log to elevate the depth of the broken edges.

Step 19

Sacred objects are never complete without inscriptions on them, but here we are going to create a design on the log, which is considered as an inscription in this scene.
  1. Using the Brush Tool draw the design fitting in the log.
2) Now by using the Pen Tool create a mask in the shape of the design we just drew and cut the selection into a new layer.

Step 20

1) Now select the previously created layer of the separated wooden part of the design and convert it into Black/White (Image>Adjustments>Black & White).
2) To show the depth of the design we need to create shadows to the design matching the light in the scene. -Now paint some shadows to the design as shown using the Soft Brush.
3) Similarly paint shadow to the whole design on the sacred log.

Step 21

Since the sacred objects are considered to be old their edges will get worn-out and gets a dark burnt color, hence to get the same effect here burn the edges of the design using the Burn Tool.

Step 22

Now create a shadow on the log as shown in a new layer to match the lighting of the scene.

Step 23

In this step we will be creating shadow of the log casting on the model and the wall. 1) Duplicate the image of the sacred log and convert it into a silhouette using the Levels.
2) Now place the log shadow layer under the original log layer and move it slightly downward as shown to match the angle of the light rays.
3) With the log shadow layer selected add a Gaussian Blur of Radius 25.1px.

Step 24

In this step we will be creating logo for our scene.
  1. Using the font "Dark Crystal" type in 'S' and 'C' in two different layers.
2) Now by using the Move Tool (V) move the letter 'C' and mount it on 'S' as shown. By doing so we will get a logo which represents all the letters in the word 'SACRED'. -It might be difficult to find the letters at a glance, so take your time in identifying the letters.

Step 25

In this step we are going to create typography of our logo using the branches of a dead tree.
  1. Follow the Step13 in cutting the background of the tree. Then by using the Lasso Tool cut few branches of the dead tress into a new layer.
2) Now import the branches onto the logo and place them according to the design of the logo.
3) Follow the procedure until we get the shape of the logo.
4) After creating the logo with the dead tree branches add support to the logo by adding two branches on either sides, to show that the logo is hung from a dead tree in the scene.

Step 26

Now import the image of the logo we created in the previous step on to the working canvas and place it as shown.

Step 27

In this step we are going to add a dead tree branch in the scene on the top right corner, which will act as support to the snake that we are going to create in the next step.

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