Create a Magical Starry Night of Polar Bears in Photoshop

Create a Magical Starry Night of Polar Bears in Photoshop

Create a Magical Starry Night of Polar Bears in Photoshop

Step 3

Add image of Everest mount into working document under layer with foreground landscape. Resize it to leave only fragment with big mount and move down image a bit. If necessary, go back to the previous layer mask and make a smooth transition between images (Brush Opacity: 60%, Hardness: 0%).


Now fill in the lack of the sky. To do this, I used Gradient Tool (G) with Linear form and preset "Foreground to Transparent", foreground color - black. Create a new layer above Everest mount image (use "Create new layer icon" on layer panel or hot keys Cmd/Ctrl + Opt/Alt + N) Draw a gradient from top to middle of working area. Create a new layer under gradient layer (Cmd/Ctrl + Opt/Alt + N) and use soft round brush (Opacity: 100%, and color #0c1939) to draw on free space between image and gradient. Merge there two layers into one by using Cmd/Ctrl+ E or right click on selected layers > Merge Layers.


Use Quick Selection Tool (W) and select mountains. Use Eraser Tool (E) on gradient layer to remove it from mountains. To deselect use Cmd/Ctrl + D or Select > Deselect.


Step 4

Now I return to foreground rocks and decided to slightly change color tone. For this I used an adjustment layer "Color Balance". Go to Layer > New Adjustment layer > Color Balance... or click on icon on a Layer panel). Set values to each color and tone as shown in image below, set layer Opacity around 70% and create Clipping Mask from this layer (right click on layer > Create Clipping Mask or use Cmd/Ctrl + Opt/Alt + G). In this photomanipulation the stones with a blue shade will look more realistic and not distracting. Among other things, we have a night landscape.


Step 5

Now that we have created a basis of the picture, you can start adding the main parts. So you do not mess up I'll start with the village. As with all previous images place image "Alps village" in working document, on top of all previous layers (I always open the folder with my resources, and for ease of operation drag the desired image in the working document). Do not worry about the little scary view of the village. I will correct it a little later. Use the Free Transform tool (Ctrl/Cmd+T or Edit > Free Transform) to resize the layer like shown in the image below.

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