Step 15

Take the balcony part from the original photo and place it at the left edge of our main image:



Step 16

I used Curves to darken the balcony:


On this layer mask use a soft black brush to reduce the darkness on the following parts:


Step 17

I use another Curves adjustment layer to brighten the front part of the balcony and apply brushing on this layer mask:


Step 18

I used Hue/Saturation to reduce the saturation of the balcony:


On this layer mask I used a soft black with the opacity from 20% to 100% to restore the saturated light on the balcony front:


Step 19

I used Photo Filter to add some purple tone to the balcony:


Step 20

To refine the light and shade of the balcony I used the Dodge and Burn Tool on a new layer:


Step 21

Isolate the model from the background and place her onto the balcony area:


Add a mask to the model layer and use a hard black brush to remove the lower part of her dress and make her look like standing inside the balcony:


Step 22

I used a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer for the model. On this layer mask use a soft black brush to erase the effect on the model front:


Step 23

I used Color Balance to add some purple tone to the model. Also apply brushing on the front of the head, dress and hair to keep some sun highlight there:


Step 24

I used Curves to brighten the model. On this layer mask use a soft black brush to clear the light effect behind and on the left to make a nice contrast:


Step 25

To add more highlight to the model hair, face, dress and shoulder I used the Dodge tool:


Step 26

Open the tree 1 and 2 images. As they have a transparent background so simply drag them into our document using the Move Tool. I’ve placed them at the two edges of the pic:


Step 27

Apply Gaussian Blur with 8 px to the trees:


Step 28

Select the tree layers and press Cmd/Ctrl+G to make a group for them. Change the mode of this group from Pass Through (default group mode) to Normal 100%. Make a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer on the top of the layers within this group:


Step 29

I used Curves to darken the trees and apply brushing on this layer mask:


Step 30

Open the tree 3 image. Isolate the tree at the top right and place it at the top left of our working image:



Step 31

I used Hue/Saturation to change the color of this tree:


Step 32

I used Color Balance with the same purpose, also darken it:


Step 33

Extract the birds and place them at the right of the scene (the horizon area):


Apply Gaussian Blur with 2 px to them:


Step 34

Create a Gradient Map adjustment layer on the top:


Lower this layer opacity to 20%:


Step 35

Use Color Balance to increase the vibrance of the scene:



Step 36

I used another Gradient Map adjustment layer to add more warm tone to the pic:


Lower the opacity of this layer to 20% and apply brushing on the top of the sky and the left of the balcony:


Step 37

I used Levels to darken the scene:



Step 38

Make a Vibrance adjustment layer to enhance the whole effect:

8 thoughts on “Create a Sunset Landscape Photo Manipulation in Photoshop”

  1. Thank you for the lesson . he’s just adorable. The game of colors and delicate taste It’s my pic

  2. I really enjoyed reading this tutorial. I always thought images like this were hard work, but when you break it down into steps like this, it seems so simple! (Although I’m sure this is not for the beginner in Photoshop.)

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