Create This Stylistic Mixed-Media Artwork in Photoshop

Create This Stylistic Mixed-Media Artwork in Photoshop
Create This Stylistic Mixed-Media Artwork in Photoshop

Step 72

Select the Scissors Tool and cut out the overlapping parts. Locate spot and click to cut it out. Then select the cut part and hit Delete.


Step 73

Do the same with remaining pieces.


Step 74

Fill the remaining gaps.


Step 75

Select the outline shape and copy it (Ctrl + C). Press Ctrl + F (Paste Front). Select the Gradient Mesh Tool and click inside the cloud shape. This will add mesh lines.


Step 76

Select the mesh points using the Mesh Tool and select a color from the color palette. After adding color send the shape backward ( Ctrl + Shift + [ )


Step 77

Select all the shapes and copy them. Head back to Photoshop and paste it as a vector smart object.


Step 78

Add dripping paint (drips and spray paint, 33.png)


Place it beneath the triangle shape layer.


Step 79

Apply color overlay.


Step 80

Switch back to Illustrator for one last time. Create the pattern in the following image. Use the Rectangle Tool to create the shape.


Step 81

Select all the boxes and skew them using the Transform palette. (Window > Transform)


Step 82

Copy and paste the shape in the main file.


Step 83

Rotate the pattern by -60 degrees.


Step 84

Place it beneath the base shapes. Resize it.


Step 85

Add layer mask to the pattern. Set the foreground color to black. Load the grunge brushes set into the brushes palette. Select a grunge brush and place it over the pattern, and click to apply the brush. Make sure you apply the brush in the Layer Mask.


Step 86

Open the Auto shapes palette. And choose the pattern below. Draw the pattern.


Step 87

Make a circular selection above the pattern. Use the selection to add Layer Mask.


Step 88

Here I applied a brush stroke using a grunge brush (Download link provided in resources).


Step 89

Place this layer Just above the shape layer. Press Ctrl + Alt + G to clip it to the shape layer.


Step 90

Add some nice highlights using a round soft brush. Then set the blending mode to Screen.


Step 100

Let's create a light streak using the Brush Tool. Create a new layer. Click on the edge of the canvas.


Press Ctrl + T and stretch it vertically.


Step 101

Lock the transparent pixels of the layer. Pick a nice foreground color and press Alt + Backspace to fill the color.

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  1. Very nice tutorial. I kind of cheated and screen captured some of the things to save time, but it came out good. Thanks

  2. Incredible tutorial! I've been using Photoshop for years, and I still learned a ton of stuff going through this.


    1. I not doing it no more because if I follow these steps I will like mess up or something so I am not doing it so BYE :)

    1. i have problem on that step too. how to fill the selection? i cant unhide it. please tell me what did you do?

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