Panoramic Earth

Panoramic Earth
Then spherize the text about three times at 100%.
Also you can use a little bit warp (Edit > Transform > Warp) to get it complete right.
I cut out the letters E and A then put them on a different layer. Also did the same with the T and H. I did that because I want to create different drop shadow effect.
When you give the EA & TH its own layer, select the EA layer, right click on it then choose blending options.
Right click on the layer then choose Blending Options. Give it a drop shadow. Uncheck the Use Global Light option. Pay attention to the angle of the drop shadow. Repeat this for all the letters. Use the opposite angle setting for the T and H letters. The letter R should have no drop shadow.
When you have done that you will end up similar like this:

Step 13 – Smooth the Edges with the Smudge Tool

Now I am going to use the smudge tool (R) tool smooth raw edges out. Go through all the picture layer (except the elephant) then use the smudge tool (R) to smooth the area out.

Step 14 – Add the roots

To create some tree roots I used a picture I photographed the forest of Rhenen also from The Netherlands.
Choose Select > Color Range to create a selection of the blue sky. Inverse the selection (Select > Inverse) then copy the tree and paste it into our project. Use Edit > Transform > Warp to warp the roots into the sphere.
Ctrl + click on the roots layer to create a selection of it. Fill the selected area with brown.

Step 15 – Apply filters on the roots

Choose Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap and use these settings:
Choose Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges then use the following settings:
Choose Select > Color Range then use the white eye dropper tool to create a selection of the roots like shown below.
Choose Select > Inverse then delete the selected area.
Here’s what the roots should look like .

Step 16 – Make the roots wrap around the text

Now we’ll make the roots wrap around the letters. Use the Clone Stamp tool to create more of the root tips.
Use the Brush tool (B) then paint more branches in brown. I used a size of 4px and 2px. Look at this example to see what i did.
Keep doing this for the rest of the letters.
To complete this quicker, I copied the right area to the right. To do this, use the Rectangular Marquee tool (M) to create a selection of the right side. Choose Edit > Copy then Edit > Paste. Select the new layer then move it to the left. Choose Edit > Free Transform then flip the layer and blend it in with the other roots.
I also used the eraser to delete some unwanted areas.

Step 17 – Further editing of the roots

Merge all the roots layers you have together, so they will be one layer. Again choose Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap then copy these settings:
Choose Image > Adjustments > Exposure. Adjust the settings like shown below:
Now choose Image > Adjustments > Photo Filter and use the settings below:
Finally, choose Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow and add a small drop shadow.

Step 18 – Merge layers

Now we are going to the last steps of this project.First we are going to Merge all the layers. Select all the layers and right click on it and choose Merge Layers.

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