Panoramic Earth

Panoramic Earth
Choose Edit > Transform > Warp then warp the photo of the tulips around the sphere. You don’t need to warp it completely around the sphere because we delete some area's later.

Step 8 – Add the broadcast tower

Now we are going too add the 5th and last picture into this project. I think it is a picture of radio/TV broadcast tower. This photo was also photographed in The Netherlands during the same day as the beautiful tulips.
Cut out this tower with the Pen Tool (P). When you are finished, right click on the pen line then choose Make Selection. Place the tower on the west side of the sphere.

Step 9 – Mirror the image

I hope you named all your layers! Now we are going to mirror all the pictures to the other side of the sphere. One by one duplicate your layers, so -tulips- duplicate become -tulips mirror- etc.
If you have done that, then one by one select the layers and checkmark Show Transform Controls.
Drag the picture diagonal, so it will mirror. Then to scale it correctly adjust the settings to -100% :
Then place the selected picture at the right location, exactly opposite of the original. Then when you have mirror all the pictures, Ctrl + click the sphere layer to select it. Choose Select > Modify > Contract and play with the setting to shrink the selection but not too much! Don't contract the selection that much or else it would not go beyond any picture! I have made the sphere black & white so you can see witch area's will be deleted so you get the idea of what we are doing.
With the sphere selection enabled, go through all layers separately and hit delete to erase the pieces of the picture that hangs over the sphere to much. If you have done that with all the layers you will end up with something like this :

Step 10 – Add a Green Photo Filter

I used different filters to adjust the colors. Hue and saturation and exposure settings are the most common i used. But first i used the photo filter to give all the picture layers a greenish photo filter. The color i used is the color from the outside gradient of the sphere. So they will match a little bit better.
Give all the layers (except the elephant) this photo filter adjustment.
I do not want to ruin the beautiful tulips color, so select out only the green section of it. Use the color range selector we used earlier:

Step 11 – Further adjustments

Also apply the Exposure and Hue/Saturation filters on the pictures to lift up the colors:
For the people who want to know exactly witch settings i used :
  • Tulips: (always mirror and original) Exposure +0.92 Offset -0.0137 Gamma 1,02.
  • Tulips: Hue +7 Saturation +40
  • Oak: Exposure +0.65 Offset -0,0765 Gamma 0,78
  • Danish tower: Exposure +0.39 Offset -0.0333 Gamma 0,91
  • Broadcast tower: Exposure +0.81 Offset - 0.0412 Gamma 1,08
For the elephant i used the setting Equalize. This give the elephant(s) the right color setting for this project.
If you have done all of that, you have something similar to this:

Step 12 – Add the Earth text

In the next steps we are going to insert the EARTH text. Use the Type Tool (T) and create you own text or follow my text. Rasterize the text, right click on the text layer and choose rasterize. I gave the text a little bevel in blending option but you can also do it later*.

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