Photo Manipulation

Stylish Surreal Portrait


Step 25

We’ll be using these fairies brushes . Create a New Layer for each fairy so that you can position and scale them individually. Below are the brushes I’ve used.


Step 26

Add two more fairies from a second set of fairies brushes. Again create a New Layer for each fairy, position and scale them to fit your scene.


Step 27

The last props we’ll be adding to the scene are some tiny butterflies. Download the butterflies brushes, create a New Layer and paint your butterflies.


Step 28

Time to add some some colors to our little world. Open this watercolor texture and move the layer below the trees and fairies. Set the layer’s Blending Mode to Darken.


Step 29

Add a Layer Mask to the “watercolor” layer and use the watercolor brushes to remove part of the overflowing green watercolor.



Step 30

Let’s add a flower piece to her head. Load the victorian flower brushes that you’ve used to make her clothes and select this(1), size 500px.


Step 31

Create a New Layer and paint using the Brush Tool (B) the selected flower in black. Disable visibility of the hair folder in order to see the flower.


Step 32

To color the flower, create a New Folder “flower color” in which we will place the color layers. Next use the Magic Wand Tool (W), with the flower layer selected, click on the canvas outside the flower.


Step 33

Go to Select > Inverse (1). With the “flower color” folder selected, click on Add Layer Mask(2).


Step 34

We will first add a watercolor wash to the flower. Load your watercolor brushes and create a New Layer inside the “flower color” folder. Apply an ocre color, see example below. Use the Brush Tool (B) apply the color, some overlapping and some with lighter opacity to get a watercolor textured wash.


Step 35

Now create another Layer on top of the “ocre” and paint over a deep red, 100% opacity.


Step 36

To make the flower more interesting, let’s add a few drips of red paint. Create a New Layer on top of the “flower color” folder. Download and load these splatter brushes. Select the brush below.


Step 37

Apply the drip as below.


Step 38

You can now make the hair layers visible again. Using a round brush erase off (Eraser Tool (E)) the left diagonal line as it looks unatural.


Step 39

Create a New Layer and add 2 little drops at the bottom as below using one of the splatter brushes, then erase off the unwanted splatters. Resize and rotate (Transform Tool) them to fit the design.


Step 40

Take a step back and add the finishing touches. To balance off the red drips on top, I’ve added some splatters on her left shoulder. Create a New Layer, use the same brush in Step 36. Position and rotate (Transform Tool) the drips.


Step 41

Add some black splatters to her right shoulder.


Step 42

Lastly move the flower piece and drips slightly to the left and bottom as it is hiding one of our fairies. We are done!


Final Version


Download the PSD (scaled down to A5 because of file size)

About the Author

Carine Ma has a background in traditional art and multimedia design. She has been designing as a multimedia designer for over 6 years and is currently available for freelance work. You can view her portfolio and blog at Caramel Ink.

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