Stylish Surreal Portrait

Stylish Surreal Portrait

Step 4

Make a second copy of the woman's image and apply a Poster Edges Filter (Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges) with a maximum edge thickness of 10 and the bring the rest of the settings to 0. This gives us a highly stylized image and a beautiful glowing skin.


Step 5

The “poster edge” layer should be on top of the “black & white” and it's Opacity should be set to 90%.


Step 6

We will use the Pen Tool (P) to extract the background and hair and keep her face and torso. There are a few reasons for using this method. One is for clean edges, two we can modify the shape at any point in time and three we can reuse the path for other purposes. Use the Pen Tool (P) set to Paths.

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  1. Thanks for this. I took my own model shot and worked my way through the tutorial. Great fun. Learnt a lot.

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