Elegant Typography on Vista Background

Elegant Typography on Vista Background

Elegant Typography on Vista Background

Step 13 - Adding Glow Effect

Add a light effect to the design to make the flowers glow.

Select brush tool (B) > Right click on the screen and choose soft round 45px brush > Make the brush diameter 70px


Step 14 - Adding Glow Effect

Once you select the brush, make sure that your foreground color is white. Create a new layer and click on the design.


Step 15 - Blending Glow Effect

Blend the glow effect with the design to create a glowing feel. Select the brush layer and choose the blending mode as "Overlay".


Step 16 - Duplicating the Glow Effect

Add the glow effect to the entire flower design.




Step 17 - Creating a Light Glossy Shade

Create a glossy shade above the design to give a glowing effect to the entire image.

Create a new layer and move it to the top of all the other layers > Choose the brush shown below.


Step 18 - Creating a Path

Create a path using the pen tool (P).


Step 19 - Selecting a Stroke Path

Right click on the screen and select a stroke path.


Step 20 - Filling the Stroke Path

Once you select the stroke path, you will get a stroke path option. Select Brush from the option and click OK.




Step 21 - Duplicating the Stroke Path

Once you are done with the stroke path, duplicate the path into multiple copies. Select the stroke layer > Press Alt + Click and drag in the same direction multiple times.


Step 22 - Blending the Stroke Fill

Transform the stroke fill to the entire screen. Select the blending mode from the layer palette as "soft light".


Step 23 - Adding Gaussian Blur

Make the stroke fill a little bit smoother. Select Menu > Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur > Follow the settings below.


Step 24 - Adding Landscape

Add a landscape to the typo design. You can download the image here:

Once you download the image, insert it on the screen and press Ctrl + T to make it transform. Make sure that this image layer is at the bottom of all the other layers.


Step 25 - Transforming the Image

Select the transform tool, then click and drag it to the entire screen as shown below.


Step 26 - Adding Levels

Do some color setting to the image to add levels. Press Ctrl + L and follow the settings below.


Step 27 - Creating Curves

Make the image dark enough so that when we add light, it gives off more of a glowing effect.


Step 28 - Adding Levels

Add levels to the image to make it a little bit lighter.


Step 29 - Creating a Path

Create a glowing reflection effect by creating a path. Select the pen tool (P) as shown below.


Step 30 - Filling the Path

Fill the path. Press Ctrl + Enter > Choose the foreground color as white > Press Ctrl + Backspace.

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