Learn how to create a beautiful notebook icon with Photoshop! This beginner drawing tutorial will show you how to create shapes, add texture, and use layer styles to create a quick and easy notebook icon.

Preview of Final Results

Tutorial Resources

· Wooden Background – sxc.hu

Step 1

Open up Photoshop and create new document

Step 2

Open the Wooden background , press Ctrl+ T to scale it fit to our background.Now Image > Adjustment> Curve, like this image

Step 3

And this is result

Step 4

Create a Rounded rectangle (shortcut U) with fixed size 700px x 550px and Radius = 40px. Fill it with color # 742b00

Step 5

Now press Filter > Noise > Add noise

Step 6

Then right click for Blending Option > Drop Shadow

Step 7

And we got result like this, we name it ” cover 1″

Step 8

Next, we create second Rounded rectangle (shortcut U) with same size 700px x 550px and Radius = 40px. Fill it with color # 5c3016. Then press Ctrl + T to scale it a little bit smaller than first rectangle which name “cover 1”. And we name the second rounded rectangle as “cover 2”


  1. I can’t get past step 23. For some reason, the option of “stroke path” is not available to me (it’s grayed out). Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  2. This was an easy tutorial to follow. Thank you so much! I would like permission to share my final graphic inside a bonus package of graphic elements.

    Please get in touch with me so we can discuss… thank you!