What you’ll be creating

To create this image of Alice, we’ll start by creating the atmosphere and the main stage in the form of road maps. Next, we’ll add we begin to add items as teapots, cups of little cards and other. Finally, we’ll finish it up with a image correction and adding effects. You’ll need any version of Photoshop, inspiration and good mood!

Tutorial Resources

Step 1

Start by creating! Create a new document. Go to File > New or the short key Ctrl+ N. A blank document with size of 2000 pixels wide and 3000 pixels high. I named the document “Alice”.

Step 2

Let’s start off adding the sky to our manipulation. Go to File > Place and select the image of the sky.

Step 3

After addition of the sky, then stretch, as shown in Figure. To transform the sky, press Ctrl+ T or go to Edit > Transform > Scale. Pull the black cubes in the corners formed frame.

Step 4

To the sky was brighter and stood out edges of the clouds, I added an adjustment layer to the sky. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness / Contrast or button in the Layers palette and set the settings: Brightness 13, Contrast 13.

Step 5

Then add another layer > New Adjustment Layer > Photo Filter. These layers make a sunset sky.

Set the settings: Filter – Warming Filter (85), Density: 17.

Step 6

Then add another layer> New Adjustment Layer > Hue/ Saturation.

This layer will make the color more vivid sunset.

Set the settings: Saturation: +13, Lightness: +1 Now the sky is brighter with a strong color that gives unusual picture
At this stage, work with the background sky will be over.

Step 7

I did not like the sky of the source file, so I decided to replace it with a more beautiful and bright.

Add image sky File > Place.

Transform it to fit the document. Then, to remove the sharp transition between the background and a new heaven, add a layer mask:

Step 8

Choose a brush and set with the settings: Size: 500px, Hardness: 0%, Opacity: 50% Flow: 100%.

Step 9

Required Click D on keyboard to restore color and black painting on the layer mask, removing the sharp transition of the sky to the horizon.

Done! At this stage, the scene is complete. I am satisfied with the brightness of the sky and a smooth transition and the resulting scene. Here is how it should turn out. Do not forget to save your work process result hitting the short keys Ctrl+ S! Getting to the creation of the road playing cards!

Step 10

Download playing cards. Opening playing cards stocks in Photoshop by hitting the short keys Ctrl+ O or File > Open. This will lead us to the folder in the computer where we have saved the image.

Step 11

Next, we will cut out playing cards of the image. Take the lasso tool in the tool panel. We will use this tool to cut out the part.

Step 12

Highlight the desired card and press Refine Edge. Change the blending mode to Overlay (V).

So you can see where you select the unwanted piece of playing card and highlight deficiencies in the form of a white background. You can remove them by selecting the brush in this window.

Now set the settings as shown in the photo to remove the bumps and smooth edge selection.

After applying, copy Ctrl+ C cards and go to document our work.

Step 13

Create a group. Click on the Layers panel and call it “Cards”.

There insert the card. Pressing Ctrl+ V.

Step 14

After you move all the cards to the project, start them from the road. Put a few cards in the bottom left corner. You can change the size and slope hitting the short keys Ctrl+ T.

For ease of installation, unnecessary layers can turned off by clicking on the eye icon in the Layers panel. To put the right card over the other, move the layer to the desired card above the lower card. To do this, in the Layers palette, select the desired layer, grab it and move it up or down.

To road looked realistic, you arrange the cards with the slope, you can turn some and arrange them receding into the distance.

Does not necessarily have to follow my drawing. Create your own version if you want.