Learn how to create a suspenseful photo manipulation in Photoshop. You will learn how to create realistic distortions with the displace filter and apply photo effects to give it a cold look.

Gunshot Through a Glass Photoshop Tutorial

Preview of final results

Rollover the image below to see the before and after effect. It may take a few seconds for the image to load when you first rollover the image.

Stock photos

You will need a photo of a person pointing a gun and a photo of a window with a bullet hole on a dark background. The images used for this tutorial are stock photography from Dreamstime but you can use your own. If you like to use the same images used in this tutorial, click on the image below to purchase them.

Agent with gunBullet hole in window

Step 1 – Open the image of the shooter

Begin by opening the photo of the agent with a gun.

Step 2 – Place the photo of the bullet hole on a glass

Choose File > Place, browse for the image of the bullet hole on a glass, then click OK. The image is now placed onto your current document with the transform tool activated.

Rotate and enlarge the image like shown in the image below. The bullet hole should be positioned near the gun. Press enter on your keyboard to apply the changes.

Step 3 – Set the layer blend mode to Screen

In the layers palette with the top layer selected, change the blending mode to screen.

The image looks complete already but we’re not exactly done yet. When zoomed in, you can see that the glass doesn’t distort the image behind it. In the steps ahead, we’ll use the displace filter to create a distortion.