For more accuracy, it is advised to zoom at the level of 25% or higher if you wish to.



Now when you’re done with liquefying, just press OK.

Next, let’s edit the light on the grass, we’ll darken and brighten the necessary areas.

Activate the Burn tool (O) and input the following settings:

  • Brush size: 300 px
  • Range: Midtones
  • Exposure: 25%

Then apply the Burn tool (O) on the area shown on the image below:


The result should be similar to this:


Activate the Burn tool (O) once again and use it on the region shown on the image below:



Step 5 – Add the dirt road on the grass

What we are going to do here is that we would be adding a small road on the grassy field on the book’s open page. To start, let’s open Long Road and then activate the Polygonal Lasso tool (L) to select the road on this image.


After you’ve created the selection area, use the Move tool (V) again to transfer it to our canvas. Once in the canvas, rename the layer to road. Next, we will be transforming the road to blend in with the grass. Click on the road layer and then activate the Transform tool (Ctrl/Cmd + T). Right click on the image to bring up the contextual menu, and then when the menu opens, click on Warp. Now warping is quite similar to the Liquify tool but it differs because it isn’t as free as the Liquify tool, you can only warp a few select areas designated by the points and lines on the warp grid. Now for the Warp process, just follow the instructions seen on the following images:



The result should be similar to this: