Can you tell us about POPGUN? What’s the concept/idea behind this project?

Popgun is an Eisner award winning anthology published by Image Comics and created by Mark Andrew Smith and Joe Keatinge. I was asked to contribute a short story for volume #03 and ended up writing and drawing a 6 pg. story about my character Juan Doe. It was meant to encapsulate the metaphysical nature of the character and was a great opportunity to stretch my imagination and write and draw my own story. The scope of the project itself included an incredible amalgamation of artists and story tellers from a wide spectrum of disciplines. The anthologies are breathtaking and the creators involved are some of the very best this world has to offer. It was a project that I was very proud to be a part of.


How did you develop your style? How long did this process take?

In art, style can be a point of contention as far as definition is concerned. It takes much work and experience to reach a platitude where a style can be justly defined and have an impact. It is important to not get lost in the style of visual languages but to evolve a resonate voice that speaks to you first and foremost regardless of what style is employed. For myself, working with a variety of styles has helped push my frontiers and challenged whatever I expected from myself. Ultimately, making art is a mysterious and fascinating process, I have no real explanation as to how the work develops. It starts with an idea and then it’s a split second spark of something. A word, an image, a color scheme. Then the drawing starts and at that point I’m just as surprised as anyone else when I get something concrete and visually stimulating. It feels very much like a supernatural process.


What keeps you busy now? Can you tell us more about your current projects?

At the moment, I’m working on a few projects that exist outside of the realm of comic book superheroes. I can’t say specifically yet, but one is an off the cuff adventure story and the other is a fantasy thriller due out later in the year. Something current I can share is my 720 project. It is a daily exercise in mashing up ideas and serves as a paradoxical distillation of the word and the image as directed by the filters of randomness.

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5 responses to “16 Incredible Comic Book Illustrations by Marvel™ Artist Juan Doe”

  1. Maidul Islam Avatar
    Maidul Islam

    Beautiful, creative and acutely enjoy able!

  2. Mr. Garner Avatar
    Mr. Garner

    Your work has been a true inspiration Juan. It was a pleasure showing our class this.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Great work!!! d(^_^o)❤

  4. Jeff Avatar

    Marvelous interview Juan! I’ve been reading comics my whole life and I’m ecstatic to have come across this interview. I’m just surprised no one has commented on your exceptional comic art.

    1. Juan Doe Avatar
      Juan Doe

      Now we have 2 comments! Yes! Many thanks Jeff, I truly appreciate the support!

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