This interview features comic book artist Juan Doe. An amazing illustrator, his projects show depth and an insane amount of creativity. We shall let this interview speak for this very talented artist as we showcase a collection of his art and a few tidbits about his life and passion.

Can you tell us more about yourself? What made you pursue the visual arts?

Salutations. My name is Juan Doe and I am a purveyor of art and other creative derivatives. My interest to pursue a profession in the visual arts came through the influence of science fiction material, comic books, animation, art, film and almost anything else that was born of pop culture.



Did you have a lot of artistic influences growing up?

Most of my early influences came from the iconography of Saturday morning cartoons, newsstand comic book racks and special effects driven movies. I became a fan of not only the content of these mediums but also of the processes involved to create them. I tried to learn as much as I could about these industries and then apply it to my own creative experiments. As I got older my tastes became more complex and varied and the combination of all these influences has served a large roll in shaping the narrative of my work thus far. As you mature you find influences in more subtle ways and that helps keeps the work fresh and challenging. As a craftsman I spend a lot of time formulating and studying, in those instances revisiting earlier influences or new ones is a great way to stay in tune with the flux of creativity. I’m a big fan of all kinds of art and I’m always excited and impressed when I see the boundless amount of ingenuity and creativity that exists in this world today and in the history of art.

Iron Man Legacy #6 (2010 Marvel)


Do you consider anyone as your mentor?

My mentors have mostly been the creators and artists that I’ve admired throughout the years. Whether they be from the pages of historical context or in real life, I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many relationships with creative individuals that have served as proxy mentors at one time or another. Many of these creators, like myself, spend an enormous amount of time engaged in the world of making art and when you share those communal feelings about art and the power of creation you learn through osmosis. In that sense, there is a balance of experience being exchanged back and forth and we are all mentoring each other to some degree. I think this helps to equalize the base of collective knowledge and inspiration.



What inspires you to create?

Pain and despair. The cliché is true! The tortured artist lives! In earnest, I find that the obsession to create stems from a relative, rooted desire to understand our place in a world defined by its imagination. This planet is so wide in its range of diversity, specifically in the way that visual language is used for expression that although there are hundreds of different languages, cultures and ways of life, you find that every single society has some form of visual language. There are more artists than ever before and more people are discovering that they are creators in some form. As we add more and more creative information into the archives of our interconnected world, the ability to analyze the full purview of our creativity becomes more readily available and with that we can look backward and forward to the continued evolution of the visual language.

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  1. Marvelous interview Juan! I’ve been reading comics my whole life and I’m ecstatic to have come across this interview. I’m just surprised no one has commented on your exceptional comic art.

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