Do you have any photography styles or techniques? If so, can you share to us what they are?

The only style that I constantly stick to is self-portraits just because it is easier for me to take a photo of myself in 5 minutes, than it is to find a model. I tend to use a lot of blue colors and undertones in all of my artwork, because it suits my personality well, as well as having the image in square. In Photoshop I use the basic tools. Everything that I know about Photoshop, I have learned by myself, just because it’s easier for me. Simply writing on Youtube: “How to…this and that.” I learned everything that I needed to create my photos so far.


Can you describe what your post-process workflow is like?

I pick the best photo to have as a base, and then open it in Photoshop and do some gamma corrections and things like that. If I have the final idea already on my mind, then, after that, I open up some stock images, for example clouds, butterflies etc., and then start the masking and layering, cutting and erasing job, which takes a lot of time and requires precision. After that, when everything is in the right places, I correct the lighting to the added objects, so that they match with the base image, and create some shadows so everything  looks  more realistic. And at the end, I spend a lot of time figuring out the colors, the tones and bringing the final photo to life. When the final image is ready, I reopen it and close it a couple of times, so that I have a clear look at the final image to make sure the colors are in the right brightness and everything looks good.


Can you share a memorable story from one of your photographic experiences?

If someone asks me, what is the craziest thing that I have done making photos, I always tell “the cold experience”, meaning that I have this thing, where I feel the need to take photos in dresses in minus 30 degrees Celsius. It is very cold, very windy and each time I think that I will definitely get ill after doing this, but it doesn’t stop me. I love it. It’s a crazy way to spend your winter morning, but I think it’s totally worth it to walk barefoot in snow with a dress on and just creating art. I feel magic in those moments.


Your The Four Elements project is really captivating. What is the message behind this piece?

The Four elements are the basis of our world. The water is the begging of us, the air keeps us a live, the land provides a home, but the fire keeps us warm. Bringing all of these elements together and having a human being in the middle of it creates, in my opinion, a symbolic art piece of basis of life, of what keeps us alive.

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  1. nisha Avatar

    I would like to appreciate your work which you did by self practice.please send some tutorial.

  2. Annija Veldre Photography Avatar
    Annija Veldre Photography

    Thank you, I am really honored!

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar
      Photoshop Tutorials

      You’re welcome! :)

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