Interview with Photographer Annija Veldre

Interview with Photographer Annija Veldre

Can you share a memorable story from one of your photographic experiences?

If someone asks me, what is the craziest thing that I have done making photos, I always tell “the cold experience”, meaning that I have this thing, where I feel the need to take photos in dresses in minus 30 degrees Celsius. It is very cold, very windy and each time I think that I will definitely get ill after doing this, but it doesn’t stop me. I love it. It’s a crazy way to spend your winter morning, but I think it’s totally worth it to walk barefoot in snow with a dress on and just creating art. I feel magic in those moments.

Your The Four Elements project is really captivating. What is the message behind this piece?

The Four elements are the basis of our world. The water is the begging of us, the air keeps us a live, the land provides a home, but the fire keeps us warm. Bringing all of these elements together and having a human being in the middle of it creates, in my opinion, a symbolic art piece of basis of life, of what keeps us alive.

Are you currently working on any project you are excited about? If so, can you tell us a brief overview of that project?

Right now I am in the middle of a few little projects that all includes a forest. It’s a place, where I go to get rejuvenated, to get energy, at the same time to calm myself and think life over.  I call a forest my office. I spent one day in a beautiful forest near my grandparents’ house and created few pieces that I am really excited about simply just because it is a beautiful and calming place for my soul.

More about Annija Veldre

Annija Veldre is also studying PR and Advertising.  Self portraiture become her way of self expression. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile or website.

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