Squeeze circles by using a filter “Spherize” (Filter > Distort > Spherize…). Set Amount: 100% and OK. I’m a little decrease layer opacity to 60%. To deselect use Cmd/Ctrl + D or Select > Deselect. So you got a nice futuristic texture on the sphere. To make a hologram more natural, add style “Outer Glow” (double-click on layer) and set the settings like shown in image below.


Now repeat the same with the rest of the small spheres. To the hologram on small spheres cannot add style. Also reduce the impact on the spheres by decrease layer opacity to 85% and use a layer mask to decrease the effect on the bright areas. Also I grouped layers with the spheres in one group “Other androids”.


Step 16

I decided to add the final piece to the central sphere. I wanted to create the effect of an update sphere. For this I use a brush “Sampled Brush 27” (Size: 150 – 30px, Opacity: 50%) with a bit specific settings. Go to Brush control tab (F5) and set – Spacing: 70% to turn down the density of the brush. There, in tab “Shape Dynamics” set Size Jitter: 100% and Angle Jitter: 40% (to each new piece had a different size and angle).


Now, on a new layer draw falling particles on both sides of the central sphere. Change the size to brush to get volumetric of the particle. Use a layer mask to remove duplicated fragments and make the particle density is less. Make double-click on layer and add a style “Outer Glow” with the settings, like in image below.


Step 17

Time for wires! Open image “Metal_Squiddy_Spread_by_Della_Stock” (Cmd/Ctrl + O). Use Magic Wand Tool (W) with Shift key to select background. Inverse selection by using Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + I or Select > Inverse. Hold Cmd/Ctrl (Move Tool (V)) and move wires into working document.


Convert wires in Smart Object (right-click > Convert to Smart Object) so you do not lose image quality. Use Warp Tool (Cmd/Ctrl + T, right click > Warp) and squeeze wires and stretch by vertical to get it long and proportional to picture (in this mode, you can move over the grid and edges). Now, keep up the good work and use different parts of the wires to connect the model to the system :). If you need again to change the shape of the wire, simply convert layer to Smart Object. Use a layer mask to remove wires beyond the model.

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