Create a Chilling Sci-Fi Scene of Cyborgs in Bubbles

Create a Chilling Sci-Fi Scene of Cyborgs in Bubbles

Step 17

Time for wires! Open image "Metal_Squiddy_Spread_by_Della_Stock" (Cmd/Ctrl + O). Use Magic Wand Tool (W) with Shift key to select background. Inverse selection by using Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + I or Select > Inverse. Hold Cmd/Ctrl (Move Tool (V)) and move wires into working document.
Convert wires in Smart Object (right-click > Convert to Smart Object) so you do not lose image quality. Use Warp Tool (Cmd/Ctrl + T, right click > Warp) and squeeze wires and stretch by vertical to get it long and proportional to picture (in this mode, you can move over the grid and edges). Now, keep up the good work and use different parts of the wires to connect the model to the system :). If you need again to change the shape of the wire, simply convert layer to Smart Object. Use a layer mask to remove wires beyond the model.
Once all the wires in place, I combined all layers into one by convert it to Smart Object. To give final shape to the wires, I used Puppet Warp (Edit > Puppet Warp) with it I did a curved wire and more natural view. Put point for each wire and drag to the desired position, press Enter when you finish.
We embed the wires under the water, to make it look realistic. To do this, create a new layer and clip to wires layer. Take a Brush Tool (B) with Size 1100px, Opacity: 100% and color: #0e4368. Draw a spot on the upper wires, but make sure that color did not reach to the sphere. Do not do this for the lower wires. I will add other effects to them.

Step 18

You already having the knowledge and experience to do the same wires for small spheres. The principle remains the same. You can use the existing wires from your work, but you need to remove unnecessary parts. In this time wire's toning is a little different. Go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color... In window that appear, set Blending Mode "Color Dodge" and in next window set color # a6c8df. Make this layer as clipping mask to small spheres. Also, add some blur (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) to create depth of field on wires layer. Blur Radius: 5.0px.
Let us return to the central sphere and create a point of entry wires into the sphere. Go to bubble layer and take Smudge Tool (Yup! Unexpectedly, this turn of events :)). Gently pull on the edges of the bubble to the wires. Do not make the connection too big or long. Pick the size of the brush to the thickness of the wires and use hard brush. To quickly increase or decrease the brush size press "]" or "[" respectively.
Basis is fully ready and now you can add bubbles. In the next step, I will show how to do it, but for now take a look at my result.

Step 19

First load "Underwater Bubble Brushes" in Photoshop. Be sure to add style in Photoshop as written in the instruction to brushes. Create a new group "Bubbles" above all others and add style on it from brush pack. Then everything is simple - create new layer for every type of bubbles - use Brush Tool (B) with white color and different size. First, create a base with a brush "Thin Light shaft (Angled Spray-on)" and change brush angle to 0 degrees (to obtain the vertical direction). Spread the texture throughout and accent it in some places.64
Create a first layer of a medium-sized bubbles over the entire area of the working field. Brush "Underwater Bubble (scatter)" and "Flat Underwater Bubble (scatter)", Size: 70 - 150px, Opacity: 50%, color: white. Not just scatter them throughout. Try to make a variety of textures - bubbles congestion or lack thereof. Add filter "Gaussian Blur" (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur), set Radius: 2.0px. I have converted each layer with the bubbles in Smart Object but you don't need do this.66

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