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Create a Pixel-Perfect Notebook Icon in Photoshop

Step 27

Next, we pick the Ellipse tool to draw some circles with color # 000000 and put it like this

Step 28

Now, we pick the Rounded rectangle with Radius = 40px to create a rounded rectangle like this

Step 29

Now, we add these layer style for it

Step 30

Step 31

Step 32

Here is the result

Step 33

Now we duplicate it,right click to clear the layer style,change the color #000000, put it under the metal circle, then go to FIlter > Blur Gaussian Blur

Step 34

And we got the result like this

Step 35

Now we duplicate the metal circle and the shadow and put in like this

Step 36

Next, we create a small rectangle with Radius =40,we name it as ” Red bookmark”, put it over “cover 4” layer and add these layer style for it

Step 37

Step 38

And we got an image like this

Step 39

We duplicate the “Red Bookmark” layer and rename it as ” Blue Bookmark”, in the layer style,we keep the Drop Shadow as it is and and change the Gradient like this

Step 40

Here is the result

Step 41

And we duplicate “Red Bookmark” again, rename it as ” Green Bookmark”,like the step 39, we just change the Gradient for it

Step 42

Here what we got

Step 43

We’ve almost done. Now, we create a Group name “notebook icon” , put all the layers we made into this group (except the Wooden background)

Step 44

Now, we press Ctrl+ T and rotate a little bit to left side. And the final result will look like this

Final Results

Tutorial by Kim Chen

Thank you for following this tutorial. Hope you enjoyed it!

– Kim Chen

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