Complete Guide to Creating a Blog Website Layout

Complete Guide to Creating a Blog Website Layout
On the bottom I made a shadow of the base shape. We won't do it as we did before, I will show you more advanced and clean technique. I will make an separate example on other document so it will be clear what we are doing. Start with a very dark rectangle. Make a shape but don't rasterize it for now. Grab line tool and make 3 vertical lines: one on the beginning of shape, one somewhere in the middle and one on the end (red color).
Select all three lines in layer's window (with CTRL or SHIFT), and then pick Move tool and choose distribute horizontal centers option
Notice what happened or you just placed your line too perfectly? Well, the middle line is exactly in the center (between two lines). Now select the shape by clicking on its vector mask thumbnail
It's hard to see but the shape should be outlined for now. Pick the Add Anchor Point Tool from your tools palette (it's under the Pen Tool) and make a point on shape exactly where our red line is. You can zoom in for better accuracy.
Then choose Direct Selection Tool and move this point few pixels down.
And with Convert point tool do something like this below (Click and drag the point so you will get two steering lines, then just place them vertically and horizontally, SHIFT would be helpful here):
And you should end up with the following shape:
I hope you haven't deleted red lines... Move our shadow under the base shape. Then rasterize shadow and create a new layer. Pick gradient tool and choose Reflected gradient from gradient types. Then on new layer make a gradient like this below, any color, start from red line:
CTRL+Click on this gradient's thumbnail so you will get its selection, now you can hide or delete this layer; select shadow's layer in layers window (while you still have an active selection) and hit DELETE. you should end up with the following effect.
You can also use Blur tool a little in the center of shadow (more reddish color- more blur):
You can eventually lower down shadow's opacity a bit as I did above and it's done.

Step 18 - blog/ main page

It seems like we have done our design. Now we will prepare layouts for blog's main page and works show off. Start with the first one. Hide your unnecessary layers (in my case it was just two groups) so you will have a blank content area.
See how clearly my layers window looks. Alright then, we will start now from pagination mock-up. I've already created a group for it. Below is finished pagination. That was a minute of creating. Just type the text and make some background for active page (1 in this example) with the same technique as we did before, you can additionally see the process of making the separator from the content.
Scale it down, then duplicate this layer and move 1 pixel down.
Now we want to whiten it. The fastest way I know- hit CTRL+U (or go to Image > Adjust > Hue/Saturation) and move Lightness bar max to the white.
I will use few layers from single blog post to make a post preview.
Now we will make some post thumbnail's container. To make an exact size of some element, we can count everything and do it with guides, or we can make a new document with given dimension, fill it with some color and then move the layer to our document, or (and this is the best way) we can use rectangular marquee tool and set the size of selection to fixed.

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