Complete Guide to Creating a Blog Website Layout

Complete Guide to Creating a Blog Website Layout
Then with Eraser tool (soft brush) erase clouds near the boundaries and leave just one cloud near the center of image.
Now with the eraser tool (hard brush this time, pretty small) make a holes in brighten parts of cloud.
And all you have to do now is just changing the layer's blending mode from normal to color dodge. You can also go to Image > Adjust > Color balance and add some blue/cyan to pop up the clouds (which are our simple nebulas now).
Here's my final result. I player with opacity (10-20%) and color balance a bit. I've made it really soft.
Also I've added purple smudges here and there with soft brush. Almost invisible.

Step 8 - Flashlights

Firstly I want to make a header more purple. I used this color #523157. With hard brush (low opacity, like 20-30% and different sizes) doodle around on the header.
Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and use pretty high radius like 100px so everything will be smooth.
Now create a custom brush (hard brush with 1-5px diameter) like this below and go to Edit > Define brush preset.
Choose the brush tool and in active brush set you can find your newly created brush- select it.
Open up the brush panel and use the settings as below. Then paint around the header.
Try to get something like this
Then CTRL+Click on the layer's thumbnail, so you will get the selection. Go to the Select > Modify > Contract and contract by 1px. Hit OK, go to Select > Inverse and then hit DELETE on your keyboard so you should end up with something like this.
And here is how it looks on the header:
I've added two hovering lights on top of the header.
How to create them? Just pick a polygonal lasso tool and make a selection like this below and fill it with gradient (color - transparency). I used #876887.
Hit CTRL+D to deselect. Then go to filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and pick the radius like 20-24px to get effect below. Also change layer's blending mode to Color dodge or Screen.
Now pick the gradient tool (same color and same gradient settings as above), but this time instead of linear, select radial gradient. Make a gradient as arrow below shows and change its blending mode to Vivid Light.
Pick soft brush (pretty big diameter, like 200 or 300px, 75% opacity), select some blue color like #1b31a6 and paint on the bottom part of header. Then change this layer's opacity to 30%-40% and blending mode to Pin Light.
Add some lines with semi-soft brush. I actually used my custom brush, but it is mostly the same- it's just not round. Then make this layer 65% opacity and change its blending mode to Overlay. Thanks to this small details we will add some randomness to the lights on the header so we will hide the simplicity of gradients.

Step 9 - Stripes&Circles

There aren't a lot of philosophy in here. Firstly, pick the Polygonal lasso tool, hold SHIFT and make a diagonal line from top to bottom. We are holding SHIFT so the line is inclined with exact angel of 45 degrees. Hold SHIFT until you will create a shape like this:
I shouldn't say that on this level, but above all I will: remember about new layers. Every stripe on separate layer. Alright, fill the selection with white color and change it's blending mode to Overlay and opacity to 10%.

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