Create Your Own Travel Brochure Using Only Photoshop

Create Your Own Travel Brochure Using Only Photoshop

Step 57

Back to the red circle layer, we need to tweak the appearance to look like a 3d button. Start with adding Inner Shadow layer style. Follow these setting for your reference: Inner Shadow Color: white, Blend mode: normal, Opacity: 28% and Distance: 33px.

Step 58

Add the Inner Glow layer style. Set the blend mode: Normal, Opacity: 9%, Color: Black, and size: 65px.

Step 59

Add the Satin Layer style. Set the blend mode to Normal, white as the color, decrease opacity to 19% and adjust Angle to 19 degrees. Don't forget to set the Distance value around 23 pixels and Size about 46 pixels. Lastly, change the Contour to "ring" type.

Step 60

Add Gradient Overlay layer style. Change the blend mode to Overlay, set gradient color from black to white, Style is Linear, and adjust the Angle around 122 degrees.

Step 61

Add Drop Shadow layer style. Decrease the drop shadow opacity to 37%, set the Distance to 6 pixels and Size is 10px. Click OK to apply all layer styles we've been setting from Step 57.

Step 62

We will need the same "red button effect" for this flyer backside's, so saving them as styles will save our time later. All you need to do is open the Styles panel (usually, it is located in the same panel group with the Adjustment and Swatches panel). Click the Create New Style button, give it an obvious name like "red emboss btn" and check the Include Layer Effects option.

Step 63

Grab the Horizontal Type tool. Point it on the red circle's top-edge until the pointer icon is change, then click it. This will allow us to type text following the red circle's shape. Click the Commit button on the option bar to confirm the text.

Step 64

Block text using the Type tool. Adjust the text size, color and tracking value from the Character Panel.

Step 65

Still in the text layer. Press Ctrl+T to call the free transform command, upscale the circle's size and then rotate until the text get centered. Don't forget to press Enter to apply the transformation.

Step 66

Click back the red circle shape's layer to select it. Repeat the process on Step 63, but this time we add text on the bottom. After you finish typing phone number, don't click the commit button yet.

Step 67

We need to change the phone number position. Do it by holding the Ctrl button while pointing the mouse pointer inside red circle's shape, click it when a small black triangle icon appear. The phone number should change position inside the red circle shape now.

Step 68

Adjust phone number position; Call the Free transform command, upscale and then rotate it. Hit Ctrl+Enter to apply the rotation.

Step 69

Before we proceed to the next step, I think it will be helpful if we hide front shape and blue shape group folder.

Step 70

Go back to red circle shape layer. Pull two guidelines on the left and right side of the red circle, then draw a right arrow shape using the Custom Shape tool. Set the arrow color to pale brown (#b4a193).

Step 71

Grab Direct Selection tool, click and drag to select two points on the left side of the arrow. Once selected, drag those points all the way to the left until it reached the left guideline.

Step 72

Call the Free Transform command, and then rotate the arrow in the up direction. Don't hit the Enter button yet.

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  1. First of all how dare you make this awful tutorial. I just thirty minutes of my life making a gosh darn arrow that's small /:(

  2. Hi, Wayang Puppet link takes me to 410-Image Not Available. Do you have another link to the image? Thanks.

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