Create Your Own Travel Brochure Using Only Photoshop

Create Your Own Travel Brochure Using Only Photoshop

Step 73

Click the Warp button. Select the Warp type: Arc, and then drag the warp point to the left. This will warped the arrow shape as seen in the image below. Hit Enter to apply the transformation.

Step 74

If the arrow is too large or too much curve, adjust it once again using the free transform command.

Step 75

Change the arrow Blend Mode to Multiply. This will render it into dark translucent arrow.

Step 76

Duplicate the arrow layer by pressing Ctrl+J. Drag this second arrow to the right side of red circle.

Step 77

Call the free transform command once again, rotate the arrow into down direction. Hit Enter to apply transform rotation.

Step 78

Unhide the front shape and blue shape group folder. We are done with the travel brochure frontside! Now we can continue design for the travel flyer backside.

Step 79

Within Photoshop, create a new document with 2480 pixels width and 3242 pixels height. Set the resolution to 300 ppi.

Step 80

Draw a canvas height rectangle shape, but half the canvas width. Set the rectangle color to a light brown color (#f0ebdc).

Step 81

Go to Edit > Transform > Warp command. Use the warp needle to bend the rectangle's right side, making it looks like a waving flag. Hit Enter to apply warp command.

Step 82

Still in the same shape layer, draw another rectangle in the middle of the canvas horizontally.

Step 83

Click the horizontal rectangle with Path Selection tool. From the option bar, change the Path Operation to Exclude Overlapping Shapes. This option will "Delete" any overlapping areas from both rectangle shapes.

Step 84

Go to Edit > Transform Path > Warp. Select warp type: Flag from the option bar, we can adjust the Bend value by dragging up or down the warp point.

Step 85

Grab the Magic Wand tool, check the Contiguous and Sample All layers from the option bar. Click white area in the top right corner to select it.

Step 86

Go to Select > Modify > Expand Selection. Set the Expand value by: 10 pixels, then click OK. This will expand the selection area by 10px.

Step 87

Add a new layer beneath Rectangle shape, fill it with grey color (#f0ebdc). Press Ctrl+D to deselect.

Step 88

Repeat Step 86 and Step 87 in two new layers. All the white space shall filled with grey color right now.

Step 89

Insert wayang puppet picture from the File > Place menu. Adjust its size and position to fill the bottom right grey colored area.

Step 90

Drag the wayang puppet layer on top of the bottom-right grey layer ( in this case; it was Layer 3 ). Pres Alt+Ctrl+G to make a clipping mask layer.

Step 91

Repeat the same process as step 89 and step 90 to insert the monkey picture.

Step 92

Repeat the previous steps, add one last picture, which is the shrine temple.

Step 93

Go back to rectangle shape layer. Add Gradient Overlay layer style, follow the setting shown in the image below.

Step 94

Click OK to apply the gradient overlay, resulting a nice brown gradient color for the rectangles.

Step 95

Grab the Horizontal Type tool and add some descriptive paragraph about the travel destination or perhaps the travel itinerary. Start from the Paragraph title, which text color is dark brown (#605146).

Step 96

On the left side of the Shrine temple picture, add a text box and write around four placeholder paragraph. Use smaller font size for this paragraph.

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  1. First of all how dare you make this awful tutorial. I just thirty minutes of my life making a gosh darn arrow that's small /:(

  2. Hi, Wayang Puppet link takes me to 410-Image Not Available. Do you have another link to the image? Thanks.

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