Create Your Own Travel Brochure Using Only Photoshop

Create Your Own Travel Brochure Using Only Photoshop

Step 14

Add layer mask to 'curvy shape' layer, use the linear Gradient tool to hide half-right side of the shape.

Step 15

Repeat step 13 - 14 to get another curvy shape layer for the canvas bottom. Use Free Transform command to upscale its size.

Step 16

Select all layers, except the background, water sport and sun island layer. Hit Ctrl+G to group selected layers. Double click the newly created layer group, so now you can rename it to "blue shape". This step is optional, but i usually group my layers to maintain orders and simplify things.

Step 17

On the top of 'blue shape' folder, draw a pale brown (#efe0c9) rectangle using the Rectangle shape tool.

Step 18

Use the Edit > Transform Path > Warp menu again to curve the rectangle's topside. See image below for your reference. Hit Enter to apply warp command.

Step 19

Add another dark brown (#b19e90) rectangle to the bottom, around 425 pixels height. Use the warp command again to curve the topside of the rectangle.

Step 20

Add white rectangle shape for the left side of the canvas. Recall the warp command to curve the top and right side of the rectangle.

Step 21

Still in the white rectangle layer, change the blend mode to soft light. Press Alt+Ctrl+G to apply clipping mask layer.

Step 22

Draw a black rectangle shape on the top right of the canvas, set the width to 952 pixels and height to 460 pixels.

Step 23

Drag the black rectangle's left bottom point using Convert Point tool to convert the sharp angle into round. Drag the same point to the top-right position with the Direct Selection tool.

Step 24

Change the black rectangle's blend mode to Soft light. This will change its appearance into semi-transparent black color.

Step 25

Add a new layer. Activate the Brush tool and pick the soft round brush. Adjust brush size around 1300 pixels, set the brush color to white and set the brush opacity to 30%. Click 2-3 times on the same spot within the blue curvy shape area. This will generate a soft white highlight as the result.

Step 26

Select five layers you just created and then group them all. Rename the group to "front shape". Don't forget to Save the document by clicking File > Save menu.

Step 27

Press Ctrl+N to create a new document. Set the width to 600 pixels, height to 600 pixels and the resolution to 150ppi.

Step 28

Draw a 300x100 pixels black rectangle shape. Duplicate the black rectangle by holding Alt while dragging it with the Path selection tool.

Step 29

Rotate and move one of the black rectangle, to form a flipped "L" letter.

Step 30

To make sure both black rectangles align perfectly, select them using the Path Selection tool and then click the Align Right Edges button from the option bar.

Step 31

Draw a thin rectangle horizontally. Select the Subtract Front Shape option for it, resulting a horizontal cut for the black rectangles.

Step 32

Click outside canvas or blank space to deselect all rectangle shapes. Use the free transform command to rotate the shape until it looks like a 'greater than' symbol.

Step 33

Select the Merge Shape component button from the option bar. This will merge all three rectangles together.

Step 34

Go to Edit > Define Custom Shape menu, name it "metro arrow", then click OK. This is the way to save your custom shape, so you can easily use it to another document just by drawing with the Custom Shape tool.

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  1. First of all how dare you make this awful tutorial. I just thirty minutes of my life making a gosh darn arrow that's small /:(

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