Create Your Own Travel Brochure Using Only Photoshop

Create Your Own Travel Brochure Using Only Photoshop

Step 35

Now back to our first document window, the one with the sun island and water sport picture. Draw a dark brown circle (#b5a294) with the Ellipse tool. Write a blue (#018dc0) header text and two dummy paragraphs using the Horizontal Type tool. In case you didn't know, Photoshop can make this step easier by providing the placeholder text, which is accessible from the menu Type> Paste lorem ipsum. What you need is create a paragraph text box in order to make the menu available.

Step 36

Grab the Custom shape tool, set the color to white. Choose and draw the "metro arrow" shape inside the dark brown circle.

Step 37

Select the four layers, group it in a folder named "left text".

Step 38

Add more text on the document's right side, which is a brown header text and four bullet list paragraph. Draw four metro arrow shape as the bullets, but this time set the color to blue.

Step 39

Grab the Brush tool. From the option bar, set brush opacity to 50% and choose dark brown as the brush color. Click the brush option button, choose Load Brushes. Search and load the desired custom brush, in this example isbeach icon brush. In the load brush dialogue box, click the Append button. This shall adds beach icon brush to the brush list, not replacing them.

Step 40

Add a new layer with the name "flower". Pick a flower shaped brush and click once on the canvas to draw it.

Step 41

Downscale the flower with the free transform command. But before that, make sure you already convert it to smart object first.

Step 42

Using the Type tool, add subtitle "Flower Garden" below flower shape.

Step 43

Add more beach icons with the Brush tool. Convert it to smart object, make it smaller and don't forget to add subtitles below each of them.

Step 44

Select the beach icons dan subtitle layers, group them as usual. Rename the group to 'features'.

Step 45

Grab the Custom shape tool. Click the gear button located on the custom shape list window, choose Web category. Click Append when the confirm dialog appear.

Step 46

Repeat Step 45 to load another custom shape, which is 'Objects' category.

Step 47

Write down some placeholder text for phone number, email and website for the travel agent. Add the phone, web and mail symbols using the Custom shape tool.

Step 48

Add placeholder text for the travel agent's name.

Step 49

Grab the Custom Shape tool again, load another custom shape category "Symbols".

Step 50

Select and draw the airplane shape. Set the color to white, and then place it at the right side of the travel agent text.

Step 51

To make it look more fancy, use the Drop Shadow layer style for the airplane shape. Follow Drop Shadow settings shown in the image below.

Step 52

As usual, group text and airplane layer to maintain order and also keep the layers panel look clean.

Step 53

Until this step, the flyer tempate doesn't have a title yet. Let's add them using a white bold text as shown in the image below.

Step 54

Use drop shadow layer style to make the title text look cooler. Tweak the drop shadow setting as you may see below.

Step 55

Click OK to apply the Drop Shadow layer style. If done correctly, the title text shall get a pretty solid dropshadow

Step 56

Draw a red circle (#ed1c24) using the Ellipse tool. After doing that, type text "START FROM $375 / person" in four separate layer, adjust font size as needed.

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  1. First of all how dare you make this awful tutorial. I just thirty minutes of my life making a gosh darn arrow that's small /:(

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