Welcome to this tutorial where we will create a movie poster of a much popular zombie/virus theme. We will use a base photo and paint on top mostly everything and just finish up with the help of some textures. The tutorial is accompanied by videos for each section so you don’t miss out even a single stroke; and since it is a heavy painting tutorial it is highly recommended that you do watch the videos while you read. OK so lets get right into it.

Final Image Preview

sexy blond woman

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Adobe Photoshop
  • Version: CS6
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Estimated Completion Time: 10 Hours

Tutorial Assets

1.Base sketch

Step 1

Lets open up our image and crop it to about what is shown here, then create a new layer on top.

ScreenFlow 1

ScreenFlow 2

ScreenFlow 3

Step 2

Select the brush shown here and setup the transfer and pen pressure in the brush palette as shown. Then just sample dark color from the image and start blocking in the areas and shapes of the-sections we will be messing up.

ScreenFlow 4

ScreenFlow 5

ScreenFlow 6

Step 3

Do the same work on the shoulder and hand as shown here. Next sample lighter color from the skin.

ScreenFlow 7

ScreenFlow 8

Step 4

Reduce the brush size a bit and start painting in where we think the flesh its ripping apart.

ScreenFlow 9

ScreenFlow 10

ScreenFlow 11

Step 5

Then change the sample color to some pinkish top flesh like the tongue here and add to the previous strokes as shown here.

ScreenFlow 12

ScreenFlow 13

Step 6

Continue adding flesh as shown here, remember we are sketching and planning how and where the pieces of flesh are ripped off; where do they go and how are they still attached. Next sample a darker color from the mouth and paint in to support the other strokes. Similar to the mouth the top layer of skin is lighter and as you go deeper into the flesh its more dark blood red.

ScreenFlow 14

ScreenFlow 15

ScreenFlow 16

ScreenFlow 17

Step 7

Now sampling color from the teeth we can start defining what will be exposed bone and teeth sections.

ScreenFlow 18

ScreenFlow 19

ScreenFlow 20

ScreenFlow 21

Step 8

Then we continue to find all the sharp edges and give the same treatment so the flesh has some thickness.

ScreenFlow 22

ScreenFlow 23

Step 9

Also sketch a little bit around the eye so we know the area needed to take space for it.

ScreenFlow 24

ScreenFlow 25

Step 10

And then touch to add the flesh in front of the eye.

ScreenFlow 26

ScreenFlow 27

Step 11

As we said previously we need to keep the top skin on top for the rest to make sense so touch up accordingly as show.

ScreenFlow 28

ScreenFlow 29

ScreenFlow 30

Step 12

At this point I decided to clear the eye section a bit so we could later see a bit more of it.

ScreenFlow 31

ScreenFlow 32

Step 13

Then to suggest a limit to the depth of the skin and flesh we need to paint in some hint of bone bellow all this mess; so sample some color as shown here and paint in some bone back there as shown here.

ScreenFlow 33

ScreenFlow 34

ScreenFlow 35

Step 14

OK great! at this stage we need to cover with the same sketching for the rest on the shoulder and hand. And that is it for this stage we should have all of our plan and sketch in place.

18 thoughts on “Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6”

  1. I cannot download the brush, anyway anyone could tell me how to set it, so it fades on both sides…
    Also the other brush.
    Preferebly with sreemshots….
    Thank you.

  2. Nice tutorial but I feel that after step 17 it looks overdone. Also the zombied area of face could be more dark and reddish that would look more natural. By the way extremely well written tutorial.

  3. I’m really liking the tutorials here! But did you really have to use a stock photo of frogs humping each other?

  4. This is amazing! Premium quality tutorial here but the videos should be sped up. You’re not kidding when you say it’s 10 hours!

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