Create this Poster Design with Abstract Effects in Photoshop

Create this Poster Design with Abstract Effects in Photoshop

Create this Poster Design with Abstract Effects in Photoshop

Step 28

Take a Horizontal Type Tool (T). Place the cursor on the first black line on the left and write "Do Not Cross". In "Character" panel (Window > Character) set Font to "Arial Bold", Size around 37.99 pt, Color to black. Press "All Caps" button to make all letters are capital.


Step 29

With Move Tool (V) and Opt/Alt key duplicate inscription until is no free space on the tape (Or you can use Cmd/Ctrl + J and move inscription). Hold Shift to keep inscription at one line. Select All layers and make from it a Smart Object (right click > Convert to Smart Object). With Move Tool (V) move tape in the document with the photo manipulation.


Step 30

Duplicate ribbon two times (Cmd/Ctrl + J or Layer > Duplicate layer...) and with Free Transform Tool (Cmd/Ctrl + T or Edit > Free Transform) position ribbons as shown in the image below. You can change the location or size of ribbon as you want. Select all ribbon's layers and group them (Cmd/Ctrl + G or Layer > Group Layers).


Step 31

The tape does not look realistic, so I used the layer styles to add gloss and texture. Start from "Inner Shadow" (Layer > Layer Style > Inner Shadow...). Set Opacity: 50%, Distance: 0, Choke: 5% and Size: 51px. Go next, checked "Satin" and there set color: #ffffff, Blend Mode "Screen", Opacity: 90%, Distance: 80 and Size: 65px.


Add a bit of texture. Checked "Pattern Overlay" and make following settings - Blend Mode "Multiply", Opacity: 20%, Scale: 100%. Click on pattern thumbnail go to settings (small gear on right side) and from list load "Texture Fill 2" pack, use "Stucco 3" pattern. At the end add a drop shadow. Set Opacity: 35%, Distance: 12px, Spread: 0%, Size: 13px and click OK to apply layer style.


Step 32

Make Right click on layer with style > Copy Layer Style. Select the remaining two layers and without style and paste it (right click > Paste Layer Style). I strongly do not recommend you to add style to the group, because it will not work on all layers, but only the figure of the ribbons.


Step 33

Color of ribbons slightly differ from the colors on an abstract render so I used an adjustment layer "Hue/Saturation" (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation...) with the settings - Hue: -8, Saturation: +16 and be sure to clip this layer to a "Ribbon" group.

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  2. I'm new to photoshop and mentioned in step 10 I'm supposed to look for a brush spot thumbnail, but I don't know what or where it is.

    1. Go to the Image > Mode menu and check if your image is in RGB mode and 8-bits/channel color.

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