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A Wizard and His Pupil – Create a Fairy Tale Manipulation in 75 Steps



Step 71

Change the lens flayer layer blending mode to Screen. Add a layer mask and paint with a black brush in the indicated areas.


Step 72

Open the “Lens Flare” file. Make a selection of the top left sun with the rectangular marquee tool. Copy and paste into our image. Convert it into a Smart Object. Resize and position as shown below. Name the layer “Sun”.


Step 73

Change the blending mode of the “Sun” layer to Screen.


Step 74

Duplicate the “Sun” layer and move it in the tower of the bigger castle.


Step 75

Create a new layer and change the blending mode to Overlay. With a white brush paint some highlights as indicated below.


Download the PSD

Final Results


Tutorial by Johan Sandu

profileThanks for following this tutorial. I hope that despite the hard work involved in finishing this tutorial you  had some fun and learned some Photoshop tricks. You are welcome to visit my deviantart account.

– Johan Sandu

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